Monday, July 7, 2014

technology, new is not best.and a voice from the past.

I have not been lucky with this new computer. I am finding other things to do to avoid it entirely. Coming home from getting fruit and working on a thing in the studio, the deer, a mother and the cutest little spotted fawn lead the way..

The rainier cherries this year are amazing, I have eaten too many, to be sure, and will continue to do so until they are no longer in season. OR until my teeth feel like I have been chewing on tin foil.

So, in the studio, I stitched some old canvas place mats and an old silk jacket for wings, felted the still trying to figure out how to make the legs and antenna.
It is far from brilliant and not at all what I had in mind but that is the way it goes when my big ideas meet my lack of skill. Also it is not finished, not even close.

While in the studio, I found an old audio tape , my clunker CD player is so old that it will accommodate tapes! So, I listened...started out with Erik at about five years old talking to his friend across the street. The sound of his little self damned near broke my heart, then it skipped- turned into a voice unfamiliar to me. It went on and on talking about the most mundane events, while chopping apples, ironing clothes, driving through flood waters, and then it mentioned  that this voice was feeling the baby kicking and rumbling around, a James Brown baby- Oh WOW, It was a tape I had made to send to my best friend in England nearly 30 years ago! I do not even know that person...she was way too cheerful!Freaky to hear it pregnant life out on the beach in a small cabin, far from town,  talking to a ribbon of tape for lack of company. Why was I so damned cheerful? Must have been happy  hormones.Anyway, I am fed up with technology, fed up with  ideas that don't work, wondering where I might find that cheerful hormone again, without having to be all round with an Erik baby in my middle.Vodka?


Leenie B said...

Looks like you're making progress with that new 'puter even if the two of you aren't friends yet. Yes weird and spooky to hear voices from the past floating out of an old audio tape.

I agree happy is a little more difficult to find when the disappointments and realities of years are added to a life. Still, it's good to be reminded of the joys as well. And I'm sure Sir Eric has brought you a lot of joy--even more than fresh cherries.

Steve Reed said...

What a great find! (The cassette tape.) I have some old cassette tapes made by me and some friends from 20-plus years ago. I keep thinking I'll get them digitized someday so the recordings outlast their cassette technology.

ellen abbott said...

vodka works. change of scene perhaps?

Elizabeth said...

Your photos are extra stunning.
I never did manage tapes.
Somewhere out there are cine films of little me in the 1950's - silent thank god.....

Reya Mellicker said...

I too have been gorging on cherries. Going to make a crumble today.

Laurie said...

Oh, to be my old self again, the one who was blossoming with Ben! I can see how it would be strange. I hate that your computer is not your friend, because it means I don't hear from you as much!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

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