Wednesday, July 2, 2014

dead toys,the queen retires

Difficulty using new computer, making the easy impossible! So I cleaned up my studio a little bit, felted a thing, came home, having bought a totally loved to death dog.Holes that required weaving stitches everywhere.

And an old compo broken, unstrung  doll.

FIXED, yay me!

Put them in my booth at the Fairhaven Antique mall .
The biggest news is that our Stella retired!

There was the best party to honor her, everyone wore hats, the tables were filled with beautiful food and flowers...there were  speeches and cupcakes!

and so begins another life for Stella. One I think that she might get used to and wonder why she had not done this sooner.

Now there is a summer of doing fun things, without having to get up at the crack of dawn  driving a zillion miles to work ...and for learning French.


Elizabeth said...

Bonne chance avec le langue français.
Je parle français un petit petit peu!
Ha ha

Buster sends beaucoup de amour a Dexter!

Steve Reed said...

I love the repaired dog -- you are such a wizard, even if not with new computers. :)

ellen abbott said...

more Stellar fun on the horizon!

Leenie said...

haha! Love ellen's comment. How cool to have the Lady of the Most Excellent Ideas free to party with you on any day of the week...if she doesn't decide to sleep in.

Doggy and dolly are so fortunate you found and saved them. Hope they go to homes that love them and put a little change in your pocket at the same time.

Good luck with that new 'puter. I'm still using both desktop and laptop because my learning curve pretty much goes straight up.

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

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