Thursday, June 12, 2014

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 Kekipi in his travel cage, not happy ,screaming, but as it turns out, he was glad to be back with his people and Picachou is much nicer than before he fell in love, He will sit on my shoulder sometimes and be cute. So, guess the separation has not been a bad thing!

Invited to dinner at friend's house, beautiful summer evening, on the way noticed the road had been painted brightly, an effort to slow traffic on the corner.

 Had to take a photo in the kitchen because the feather in the Derby complimented the orchid. 

 Cake was something out of a combo willy wonka and Betelgeuse, Lovely cake, with raspberry filling.
This is berry and cherry season here! SO GOOD, local and organic, can't beat it!

having spent the winter on my ample arse, minding the dear old Dexter, the pounds have glommed on like I had been starved at some point...which I never have but the body is a funny thing...

So, back on track...this is my breakfast.Fresh, wild caught Alaska shrimp, amusing and kind of icky...they are the only thing , dead grey and limp , that plump up and turn pink and cute after sauteing. Fun to eat -   larvae grub like, with spicy sauce that looks like guts and blood, parsley from under the porch, and the juiciest pink grapefruit from  organic  growers down yonder. YUM.

The thing about eating more sensibly is just that...
What I really want is a loaf of bread, butter and jam with a side of another loaf of bread...
This is my old new sweater! SCORE! 
Thirteen bucks second hand, which makes up for the extraordinarily expensive haircut I got last week. I will not tell you the price because you will go into shock.
The kids were here for about a week, Happy! Then they left...Sad.
So it goes.


Steve Reed said...

That's a great sweater! Score, indeed.

I always wonder who was the first person to eat a shrimp. Or a lobster, for that matter. Because when I look at them alive I do not think, "food." I think, "bugs."

Elizabeth said...

Always such fun to see what you have seen!
I have very little hair - just duck fluff Claudia says so I have it well cut....what there is of it.
Street painting rather fun!
Happy weekend.

ellen abbott said...

The 'Ham painted the street? Wow. I would eat that cake but I don't think I would eat shrimp for breakfast.

Pearl said...

As a Minnesotan, I fully appreciate that sweater -- AND the idea of the "ample arse" after winter. :-)


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I'm your BIGGEST fan!

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