Monday, June 23, 2014

new computer,, FTS

This grampa "action" figure,(10 Cents in charity shop), looks just like my dad when he was in assisted living, complaining about his radio, all that is needed is a goddam ON switch and an OFF switch and a dial.  Keep it simple...I just got a new computer...My head is about to *POP*!

I no longer have a photo editor, my shots look flat,however,

With flowers you can't go wrong are flowers.

Anything else is a challenge. Downtown flower shop, washed out- the best I can do at the moment.

Change -one can never stop change... a new computer, which is faster, more complicated and less talented than the old one,  makes me  cranky like my Dad.
"you broke my damn radio"...

Another level of frustration- ordered FRENCH from Rosetta Stone, Installing it - ridiculous because, I guess, they are  worried about pirates...ARRRGGG, I spent four hours on Sunday morning talking to a guy in India whose language was  difficult to understand ,though I admire that he can actually sort of speak English and has a job...trying to install the damn program. spent another four hours or so figuring it out on my own with out the added challenge of trying to understand English spoken in  trilling code.
Got it sorted and began...Rosetta Stone is  a shite program it turns out,BUT it is expensive! Sort of like that old joke," She's not good looking, BUT she has a shitty personality!" --skated through the entire first disc with a 98%- and learned nothing, then I shut it off  to go bang my head against a wall and it uninstalled!.... I have to go through  installing again.
I just want on ON switch and an OFF switch,and a dial.  
FTS! "broke my damn brain!"


Elizabeth said...

Oh dear!.....
sounds like me with my first two cell phones - one of which I threw in the sea....
and my secondhand sewing machine that made me cry...

I think you will manage it all in the end....but it depends when the end is.
Send for Erik?

Go to France and learn it there with Carol of Paris Breakfasts who is a chum


Leenie B said...

So much new stuff fits the, Doesn't look good and has crap for personality, especially when the need happens (and it always does) to speak to a techy person who wants to help but is using words never to be understood even if it's your native tongue. Hope you and your new 'puter make friends before you need an upgrade to ANOTHER one.

Steve Reed said...

Oh no! How can a new computer not have photo editing software? (Although let me just say your photos still look great.)

As for Rosetta Stone, maybe it will get better if you can just get it reinstalled. Nothing beats just going to France, though!

Anairam said...

LOvely flowery post! And I so agree with the on/off switch mode of design. I can't use 90% of the features on my smartphone. So I ain't very smart.
PS Re the embossing - just cut out letters or shapes from thin plastic and position it on printing press (wrong way around), put paper on top, pad a bit with newspaper or felt, roll it through, and voila! (But mine is really debossing since the shapes are not raised but are depressed into the paper. I could reverse the process though ... then the letters would be embossed.)

ellen abbott said...

Oh boo and hiss. Your pictures looked good to me and what is that pretty purple flower.

Laurie said...

Damn! I had always heard such good things about Rosetta Stone. How disappointing. :(
You must be too smart for it. Yeah, that's it!
Do you use Picasa? I use both the Picasa photo editor and Microsoft Picture Manager when I don't need fancy. Picasa is free from Google.

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I'm your BIGGEST fan!

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