Saturday, June 14, 2014

left over mercurochrome, a tiny library, other stuff

 Crazy sunset, smearing the sky  and houses with Mercurochrome- remember being a kid, scrapes covered with stinging orange pink merbromine, the fix all of antibiotics and it's smooth glass tube applicator - what ever happened to Mercurochrome Merthiolate? Looked it up- It got the boot because....mercury! Then the interwebs went all bitchass crazy about the dangers of mercury in dental amalgam as well as childhood immunizations- causes all sorts of illnesses, elemental mercury , however the deal is that dental amalgam is so minimal that one might suffer more mercury from staring at the night sky... A few years ago Dentists who were not doing very well because of shoddy work began to claim that fillings must be removed if they had used amalgam (which is of course...ALL) They made a ton of money with that fear tactic- but in the end this:
However, it should be kept in mind that
exposure to very small amounts of mercury, such as
that from dental amalgam fillings, does not
necessarily pose a health risk.
Whether the levels of exposure to mercury vapor
from dental amalgam are sufficiently high to cause
adverse health effects, and exactly what those
effects are, continues to be researched and debated
by scientists and health officials. U.S. government
summaries on the effects of dental amalgam
conclude that there is no apparent health hazard to
the general population

Walking to friend's house, I noticed this.

 odd place for a bird house right on the road, and way too short- It is a little library, free books to those walking by needing a good read for the evening.

 The sun came out, it went away, today I had to crank up the furnace! So cold.
Nobody is buying lemonade from the kids by the side of the road today.

cool cars come out when the sun does.

Walking along, I have never before noticed this sign, though I have passed this way a million times- Salmon crossing (?)...
Nor have i ever seen salmon using this crossing across the road. Good to know that it is an option for them.
and the mercury? Guess it is all in the fish we eat now, or so it has been said. Something to check on the interwebs if you really want to know or not...Amazing how we made it through childhood, without safety measures, no helmets, playground equipment made from left over scraps from prison bars...and this:


Steve Reed said...

I never knew merthiolate had mercury in it. I do remember that bright-pink sting and the glass applicator, though! Funny.

My dentists always told me not to bother replacing amalgam fillings. I guess I had honest dentists! I only had two amalgams, and the dentists said the same thing you found -- that such a small amount of mercury exposure isn't dangerous. (I've since replaced one after it began to disintegrate, but the other is still there!)

I posted a photo of part of a Citroen today that looked EXACTLY like the one you posted!

ellen abbott said...

children today are so coddles and protected I fear for the future of humanity. how will these padded and protected kids ever know how to handle anything as adults? I like the tiny library.

Leenie B said...

I love how your mercurochrome sky paints your house orange-pink. Yes, I'm acquainted with that stuff with the little glass applicator. My many scrapes were painted with it while I gritted my teeth from the sting.

When we were kids my brother somehow got a small bottle of mercury which we played with and coated our dimes to make them shiny. Maybe that explains something about my lack good sense.

Love the idea of the little library.

Elizabeth said...

What an excellent library!
We have a laundry room here in the basement which serves as a book dumping ground/ swap/ place ro find treasures.
One of the joys of living in the city!

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I'm your BIGGEST fan!

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