Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cold summer, Dexter short walk

 Difficult getting the motor going , summer is so unsummery , the heat is on, the animals are sleeping through the morning. ( especially, too, because they are up with the sunrise at 4:30 am)

 Dog wood barking, sun comes out. Time to drag the pooch out for a little stroll around his sniffing grounds.

Slowly and somewhat reluctantly...until...

we spot a bunny in the bush. suddenly interest is peaked.

five bunnies scamper to the safety of the old garage. Dexter coughs because that is what happens when he gets excited now...

 What used to be a quick ten minute walk now takes about 45- very slow going.
We are back at home, the purple weeds that have taken over the neighborhood are so seductive. They are invasive, successful - so pretty they usually get to stay.
I think that we have our neighbor to thank. Last year she seeded them everywhere because they were so pretty. She didn't need to do that.

Trying to make a deal with Dexter...I will continue to be his eyes and ears and to feed him steak and brush his teeth, wash his eyes, carry him up and down but he MUST die well...preferably on his own in good time, I do not want to face the euthanasia trip, Nope...so, I am holding him to this deal.


Sarah said...

Hi Dexter, please listen to your Mummy! xx

Steve Reed said...

What are those purple flowers? At first I thought they were lavender but I see now that they're something else. You really ARE on our timetable for sunrises, and you have our chilly temps too.

Dexter, pay attention! (Your wish for him is every dog-owner's wish, I think.)

Elizabeth said...

Gently hugs to the old Dexter and a lick from Buster
love the purple weeds

Laurie said...

Oh sweet Dexter -- he has the best mommy in the whole world! Hugs!!

ellen abbott said...

poor Dexter. poor Linda Sue. no need to euthanize, he will go when it's time. pretty flowers though.

ellen abbott said...

and I love your new header pic.

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

petal bowl

petal bowl

Splash Bowl

Splash Bowl


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