Sunday, January 5, 2014

Through the kitchen window/ a pup takes his meds

Beautiful frosty morning, through the kitchen window.

British Colombian peaks poking the blue sky.

The new deck , looking like a blue shag carpet.
tall frost!

Cold and bright, gorgeous day. Dexter takes me out on a very slow walk, Good boy, is taking his pills at the moment , hidden in his favorite chicken dish from the Chinese take out. Back to his roots, perhaps. Not sure how  long this good luck will last. I have tried everything, Roast beef, cheese, butter, nut butter, rice balls, hamburger, cake, with very little success. Thank you General Zhou !


Steve Reed said...

Good for Dexter, and praise General Zhou! I have NEVER seen frost like that. It does look like a shag rug. It's very '70s frost!

Eileen Black said...

Awesome frost! You guys know how to do it up right. Sending hugs to Dexter. He's so blessed to have you. We should all have someone who loves us to put our meds in General Zhou chicken when we get cranky and old.

Elizabeth Wix said...

You go, Dexter!

ellen abbott said...

I'm glad Dexter is being a good boy but all I can say about the rest is brrrrrr.

Anairam said...

Wow - tall frost - fantastic! Does Dexter roll around in it sometimes? I guess not. Shame, sick pup, you are so right that that is NOT something to savour. Obviously the savour only applies to the good (and neutral) stuff. Big hugs to Dexter. Snous says: Eat up your chicken noodles, Dex - they can only do you good!

Sarah said...

Well done Dexter and you for finding a pill hiding food! That frost is amazing and the view of the mountains beautiful. It is mild and wet most of the time here with massive storms still in the west and lots of flooding. I would rather have some proper cold weather and frost!

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I'm your BIGGEST fan!

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