Thursday, January 9, 2014

the boys lose flight, son becomes a meme

Reluctantly I took the bird boys in to have a manicure and a wing clip. On the fence about the wing clip because if you happen to be a bird, you have the gift of flight. Picachou, such a good flyer, can hover in mid air and decide whether to land on a vase , sending it toppling to the floor, or whether to try flying through the glass door again...
As you see, they are pissed off with me...fluffed up and not talking to me.

They went down into their bookcase nest and sulked, I can not blame them at all. I am sorry.
Then My son became a meme...He sent his taekwondo photos to Reddit as a lark. He was about nine or ten when he took classes for about three months. The teachers were ridiculously military...the woman made her eighteen month old baby girl address her as "Yes, Mam" or the baby would not get what she needed- no hugs, no babying the baby...A-hole parents, really...
here is a link to Erik's hilarious photos. He was also on comedy central, @ Midnight show, 13 minutes in.
Sorry for the horrid commercials and the rather unfunny content of the show .


Sarah said...

I like Erik's stern poses. Shall go and see the others in a minute. You know you shared some of his films with me on facebook but I have not had time to look at them and when I tried to yesterday they were not to be found. If you get a chance could you share them again please? Thanks!
The poor birds-they are very good at being cross aren't they? It just emanates from them even in a photo! Love those birds! Hope Dexter is feeling a bit better. x

Sarah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah said...

It was me who deleted my comment as I posted twice by mistake!

ellen abbott said...

clipped wings or broken neck? a dilemma if you keep birds.

Jenny Woolf said...

Well, what struck me most was this crazy teacher. Yes Mam indeed!! Wow!
Your boy looks pretty fierce!
It is funny in a way that birds can look mad but those ones certainly do!Still they will get over it :)

Steve Reed said...

Those pics are a hoot, along with the current photo linked in the comments beneath them. Erik goes viral!

Elizabeth Wix said...

I note that my N Dakota niece had already seen and liked Erik's pictures....with all the thousands of others.
He must be very famous indeed.

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I'm your BIGGEST fan!

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