Saturday, January 11, 2014

questionable taste

The house on the corner decorates for every thing on the calendar! Elaborate decorations that must take a very long time to put up...Christmas time is their utter undoing. Plastic larger than life, blinking crazy lights, robotic moving parts, screaming  colours not found in nature, make me wonder is this what baby jesus had in mind when he got JULY!!! . Yesterday it was great to see it all come down. Like prisoners on their way to the work camp the wise guys, camels, baby jesus and his mom, guarded by Frosty, who's lights and whirring , have ceased, he has become a more serious man. 

The most tasteless things seem to impress me- I went to the beach in L.A. with my uncle, I was just wee...he spotted Gorgeous George and made a fuss about him. I saw a silly man , sort of stocky and chubby in a ladies swim suit, golden curls, showing off his celebrity and muscle, doing acrobatic tricks . My uncle was smitten!
I said " Why is his name Gorgeous George?- He is not gorgeous!" 

And while my uncle was admiring George, this female walked into the scene, and my uncle nearly lost his mind!
It was Jayne. She astonished me even more than George. Anybody looking like that would have been run out of town, where I came from...I  concluded that ,though L.A. had a great beach or two and I liked my uncles swimming pool, it was a town of questionable taste...
colours not found in nature , plastic larger than life.
People who probably didn't know how to have a conversation with anyone but their reflections...Was I right? maybe, but I wouldn't mind seeing folks like this now, just for the carnival-ish-ness. I am a little more appreciative of theater, now...


ellen abbott said...

I totally do not decorate for anything. too much work and then you have to take it all down again.

Steve Reed said...

Ugh. Decorations. Ugh.

Who on earth is Gorgeous George? Jayne Mansfield I know, but George is a mystery. Will have to do some Internet research on that one...

My Castle in Spain said...

ouch and ouch !
Are they now ready to hang out an army of pink hearts for Valentine's...gloups

Have a wonderful 2014, dear Linda !
xo Lala

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I'm your BIGGEST fan!

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