Tuesday, January 14, 2014

dark winter, Dexter walk, wind has it's way...

 The days are dark, soggy if not soaking, winter is mild, bland, faded colour. The lights in our entryway have mostly burned out , the orange ones remain and I love it's cheerful glow. I take a selfie. Dexter takes me out through this warm light into the chill of the soggy  dark, windy day.

No complaints, however, Dexter is walking again , very slowly, carefully. sniffing every square inch of his path. He will only take his meds in New York steak, local grass fed beef...
High rent pooch- I am glad that something works so it's all good.

He takes me past his favorite truck which has been parked in the same spot for years, as long as I can remember. It's tires have many dog messages...

The wind has blown down fences, we see things in back yards that were hidden from view before. A bed of composting apples and pears.

Dexter is interested in this Binky, thinks about taking it home to comfort him when the going gets rough...I talk him out of it with promises of  Jook when we get home, our favorite comfort food. Warms us to the core. You must use an organic free range chicken and fresh garlic and ginger root.

I find my deck rug blown into the neighbor's
back yard, tuck it under my arm , glad to have found it!
Things have blown all over the yard, fallen, broken, 
we will have some major spring clean up to do.


Leenie B said...

Very aesthetic selfie. Maybe could inspire a Rembrandt. The blue truck would be a great subject for a Monet with all its blues and greens. A bed of composting---where everything ends up eventually with the assistance of lots of rusty oxidants. So glad to hear Dexter is getting you out on walks again.

Jenny Woolf said...

Full of atmosphere. I love the look of that blue truck, too. And the beautiful twilight picture.

Sarah said...

Always good to get out for a walk even if it is horrible outside. Glad Dexter took you to all his favourite spots! Pretty warm colours in your selfie. Love the old trucj=k and the bed too.

Laurie said...

What good news about our little Dexter man! He knows the good stuff -- and thank you for that recipe that I can't wait to try! You look gorgeous in your layers!

Steve Reed said...

A compost bed! That's kind of brilliant, actually.

Cassandra Louise said...

Beautifully written! I felt I was walking every step with you. Thank you for sharing! x

ellen abbott said...

ooo, you have a real grown up camera. glad to hear Dexter is still taking you around. I'm over winter and ready for an extended spring.

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

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