Sunday, November 25, 2012

welcome crazy holiday season

Welcome to the holidays - cold and brisk and monstrous!
Time to gather apples,nuts and mushrooms, all sorts, and eat as much as you possibly can.

cold weather is coming.

Time to take a drive down Chuckanut after a feast of bready heavy everything - pie- cream- buttery mushrooms.
Rare day of sunshine!

stop by a small waterfall- the HUGE boulder beside it- dedicated to Governor Lister by the Ladies Improvement Club of Edison(?) from long ago...They could afford the plaque and had to hang it somewhere. A dedicated boulder- makes perfect financial sense...and I would say that the ladies fulfilled their promise- This boulder is much improved with the brass plaque bolted to it's face.

 boulder is not going anywhere any time soon- unless gravity gets the better of it,  firmly bound by vine maple and a tightly knit  hillside of roots well rooted, of twisted branches and grasses.

 tapestry of all things weaving and rotting , budding and blooming, exquisitely. 

colorful decay.
We began the season well- Family for thanksgiving and a great time had by all!I hope that yours was well spent- now on to the next big deal...elves and angels and trees and lights and all of that sparkly stuff. Are we ready? I think so- The Dalai Lama has stated that "things are not the thing" and that time spent with another or advice given to another is quite a gift- so, Advice it is- I am sure that all will treasure that and be grateful...makes my shopping a whole lot easier.


Elizabeth said...

How wise you are dear Linda Sue!

Reya had a super post today too --funny and wise like you.
We had the kiddies in for the day yesterday. Gretchen
aged 10 months was allowed to feed herself yoghurt
we stripped her and sat her on a towel.
A bath followed. It was fun.
Hope your home improvements are all done?

Leenie said...

Holidays are most certainly upon us like a scary but friendly monster. Love your decked out Godzilla. Love the bright fall colors of fruits and nuts. Glad Mr. Sun has found you, even if only to brighten a day or two. And the Dalai Lama is wise. The time spent as your guest this summer and the conversations we shared is something I do treasure.

Sold four Etsy paintings over the weekend and have a gallery owner wanting to see my work. Woot!

ellen abbott said...


yes they are upon us like a speeding train!

Steve Reed said...

A dedicated boulder?! Now THAT is weird.

You and I both managed to get Godzilla into our posts today! LOL!

laura.forestdreams:) said...

i hope someone does that for ME when i'm gone...i'd love to have a boulder with my name on it! (not spray painted of course! ha)

it's hard to believe december is just about here! yikes!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

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