Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tea, Pie and wind

It is a little bit chilly- Two layer chilly! Time to bring out the little bit chilly woollies. These are  "little" hand knit cuties from the Scandinavian fair. I will felt a person to wear these I suppose- They are wonderful even a tiny thumb knit perfectly!

It is windy and wild today but the sky is blue and the sun is shining.!

Dexter on the deck having just come home from a windy walk, squinting his eyes against the wind, licking  the air, tasting the change in season.

nothing that a few Manpies won't cure, a cup of tea , curry pie - a bar of apples and cherries- mmm hm, cold air makes us very hungry.

The last of the geraniums on the deck, hanging out in the cold, all rosie cheeked.
Frost in the morning- Obama in the white house, pies on the stove and a hot cuppa tea.
All is well.

stay cozy!


Steve Reed said...

All IS well. I agree!

Jenny Woolf said...

A nice evocation of how late autumn feels. And curry pie - hmmm - never thought of that. I'll remember it.

I love the effect of the swirly leaves. Think I need to look at some apps for my photos.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

love your morphing leaf swirl!!

cool little woolies...dexter has a nice warm natural woolie coat of his own!
the pies look toasty warm & yummy!! (i made a big pot of (hot!) chile the other day)

((obama in the WH...yeah! now ALL people will be treated with equal it should be...)

stay warm...good cuddle weather! =)

Mo'a said...

Oooooo!! I love these little socks and mittens...I know little elves that would just love them.
I love the photo of the swearing leaves.
I also love the dapper gent and the creepy Santa. Fun, fun, fun.

Mo'a said...

Swearing leaves???? That should be swirling. ;}

Leenie said...

Heh heh Mo probably had it right the first time. Leaves have enough problems in autumn what with all the falling in the gutter, being tossed about by the wind, run over by trucks. And NOW Linda Sue takes her magic out and gives them a good spin. Yes, I'd be swearing too. Love the itty bitty mittens.

Cold air hunger. Packs on the fat layers so we can hibernate in butter. Yum.

liisamarja said...

had to look up what man pies are...definitely cold weather food!

love those little woolen ones, and am amazed that someone's fingers bend to knit them...

politics then, i know and know of a number of americans and all of them rooted for obama. who and where are the people who voted for romney?

bellyrub for dexter

Elizabeth said...

What a lovely cheery post!
Pats and hugs for Dexter!

ellen abbott said...

doesn't get much better except for not being cold. breezy here today but nice and temperate. doors are open.

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I'm your BIGGEST fan!

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