Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Falling into a ditch,coloring the ouch away

Dexter back to old self takes me for a walk through the hood- noticing colours that are unusual- purple berries (?)
and wonderful bright blue lights tangled in the brush and aged fence.

But what I did not notice was the ditch behind me, as I backed up to get more of the fence in the shot- falling into the ditch and pulling some crazy string in the back of my leg, Shouting some exclamation of scat and  raw sexual act- the elf heard and saw...

This walk is SO over, hobbling home very slowly - Dexter wondering why I am such a snail
 all of a sudden.

Oh good, we are passing the clay birds, means we only have about two more blocks to walk...

Neighbors rebuilt their house- put up a deer fence and on every post have a guardian clay bird perched.
We arrive at home I crawl up the steps- make it to the med cabinet and gobble a couple of Advil.

When I was little, to calm myself or when I was ill I colored- the pictures were already there so it was mindless activity , just cruising thought the crayon box and staying in the lines.
Friends, who own the best book store in the land ,are having a coloring contest with a printed out drawing of the two of them portrayed as Mr. and Mrs. Santa. I took three copies the last time I was there- just in case...So glad I did, who knew that I would NEED to color!!!

a little glitter- all of the presents in the bag are for ME!

 Since we have been friends for a very long time- they will "get" this one especially...again, everything in the bag is for ME!!!

Coloring and Advil- nothing quite like the combo for taking one away from a fall in the ditch.

Much better today, thank you. Watch your step, please, especially when going backwards- falling at this old age is not quite as bouncy as it once was...


Leenie said...

At least Dexter didn't follow you into the ditch. He may be deaf but he's not blind. Hope the owee's go away very soon and that the Advil outlasts the ache.

Love the coloring. Doing some of the same kinda stuff here and trying to stay mellow.

Jenny Woolf said...

Oh goodness, what a thing to happen. I hope you are fully better soon. I'm mightily impressed by your wondeful colouring efforts! wow!!!!
Those purple berries are also quite something.

Sarah said...

You are a photo hero because you still managed interesting shots despite your pain! I hope you feel better now. The colouring is brilliant-I lLove colouring in too at times. It is one of those things that is not approved of in education but every now and the we have a splurge on colouring sheets. Like now- father Christmas colouring soon!
I love the birds on your neighbour's fence.
Oh-and your stuff is staying! Yours is the good stuff! X

Steve Reed said...

Wow, that is some serious coloring! LOVE it! Your friends will be thrilled with both of those, I'm sure.

elizabeth said...

You have raised coloring to a fine art!
who knew?
next time try morphine and whiskey.

The colrs did look bright bright indeeed.
I think the berries are poisonous so tell Dexter to watch out.

On a more serious note
take care of yourself and hope you feel better soon.

ps. when I fell backwards into a hedge everyone laughed like mad
as soon as they discovered I was not seriously injured.

lisa hermanson said...

Your coloring is stunning!! Hope you feel better soon!!

laura.forestdreams:) said...

wow!! REALLY cool coloring!! LOVE the hippie santa!!

OUCH...but you got some nice shots...uh, so it was worth the ditch fall, right? hmmmmmmm....

so glad to hear dexter is back to his old self!


ellen abbott said...

Love your colorings. And I try to be very careful about falling these days. Osteoporosis and all and NO, I don't take those drugs with the heinous side effects. They don't really work anyway.

ArtPropelled said...

I enjoyed the walk .... though not the fall..... and hope the aches and pains have gone.

Laurie said...

SO glad you are feeling better after that fall! Ding dong slipper slopes!

Carla said...

LOVE the hippie Claus couple!! Also love coloring. So mindless and yet so pleasing.

Carla said...

Ps..glad trip to the ditch didn't end in a trip to the ER.

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I'm your BIGGEST fan!

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