Thursday, November 15, 2012

convex and concave

Yesterday afternoon , the day, though dark and subdued seemed convex- a bending outward, anticipation, a hanging by a tender stalk against the seasonal change. A sort of "maybe" day...

Heavy dew collecting after a gentle evening drizzle,
The downpour has not yet had a chance, Plants clinging to the last of sustenance, the last of Autumn.

Dill berries in a tired garden, drooping over the edge of the net fence. The net fence worn and pulled by gravity and insistent deer.

And this is what concave feels like- concave like a bowl, able to hold things, 
going inward, more like fog than mist. More enclosed than outward.

Coming home this morning having dropped Dexter off for a little surgery. Concave, holding a bit of worry, a bit of absence. Dexter not warming my feet as I type- 
Getting old- and then there is a point where it becomes convex again, I reckon - convex is younger age-concave is old age- convex is older age- a pushing out and forward. That is what is seems.

He will be OK no matter, It is just difficult coming to terms with an aging pup, concave at the moment.. 
 I left him with his favorite lamb and my shirt, he will be fine. The day is thick. The fog will burn off- Dexter will be picked up all better and well for the next go around...


Leenie said...

Still you worry. You breathe for them. Fog and dew. Sending you and Dexter hugs.

Sophie said...

A big slobbery kiss to Dexter from Princess Sophie. I will share my treats next time you come over.

Dolores said...

Hope little Dexter has a speedy recovery and perhaps some lovely treats.

Anairam said...

Love your photos, esp leaf and berry-thingies. Your convex-concave-convex philosophy resonates. Oh, Dexter, poor concave pup, Snous sends licks and warm rubbings up against you, and gentle snufflings. Anairam says 'Get better soon, Dexter, we love you'.

ellen abbott said...

poor Dexter, poor Linda Sue.

liisamarja said...

lovely water-drop-shots!

poor dexter...

laura.forestdreams:) said...

ok, so i'm backtracking here...i already know that dexter is now GOOD! yeah!
i love your fog & dewy shots!!
i wouldn't mind if autumn stuck around longer than it does!!

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I'm your BIGGEST fan!

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