Tuesday, November 20, 2012

butter, bird and slice of blue

Made two organic pumpkin pies and a pan of apple crumble, moved on to making Gramma's dinner rolls. Here is the recipe:
2 cubes of butter cream with 1 cup of sugar.
add two pinch of salt and 8 eggs.
1 cup warm water with 2 cakes of yeast
2 cups of warm milk 13 cups flour. Knead until it feels like a baby's bottom. let rise , punch and roll out, cut circles with a cookie cutter or whatever works for you. I used a thin lipped tea cup. Dip in melted butter and fold over, put folded edges on the underside.
 Bake @ 375 for about 20 minutes or until golden .
 insanely GOOD!

While they were rising again in the pan, BJay flew in and landed on the ficus.
I told him that it was getting cold and I had to close the door ...he said "no" - flew into the living room and perched on ...

Bangers and Mash. an etching done by David, my friend I met while living in England. He is an artist in Nantucket now. Left England- how could he???

B jay made himself comfy while I took out the rolls- wish I had an ap for sniff- 

Took Dexter for a short walk , B Jay left with us and flew off into this slice of blue sky.
The rain has stopped for about five minutes!

Tomorrow more baking and cleaning and getting ready for folks and kids and a BIG big dinner- I am preparing the whole big deal! But really, the rolls would be enough.


Steve Reed said...

Love the "baby's bottom" reference. I have no idea what a baby's bottom feels like! LOL!

I didn't know Mr. Jay enters your house! How funny. They are canny birds.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

mmmmmmm...i can smell the pies & biscuits!!

cool sketch that Bjay was showing off...it's a good thing he didn't land on the pies!!

i hope dexter's feeling better!

gobble gobble-have a happy thanksgiving day!

ellen abbott said...

I am totally amazed at Baby Jay. You have tamed a wild thing.

Dinner here also, both kids, spouses and grandkids. I'm only doing some of the cooking though.

Leenie said...

Hey, that's MY gramma's dinner roll recipe. Great minds think alike. The scent if such things is right there next to heaven. I've passed the dinner roll job down to Numba One Daughter. She does it better than me but can't be better than yours. Yours is MO betta. Tell BJay and Dex "Howdy"

Laurie said...

Oh my gosh the rolls would be enough for me! I must try them!! We still haven't had our Tgiving dinner...maybe on Sunday...I hope yours was LOVERLY (I'm sure it was!)

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

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