Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the moat has been drained

Castle-like Old G.P. mill on the waterfront.Until 2001 from 1963- pumping out toilet paper and toxic sludge into the sound. The Chlor-Alkali facility responsible for over 350,000 cubic yards of mercury contamination in the waterway and uplands. It was sold from G.P. to the Port of Bellingham for $10.00- 37 acres of waterfront in the heart of the city. sounds great, will cost over 34 million buckeroonies to clean up the sludge and another 20 million to develop a marina, or park, or whatever they have in mind.
I went there yesterday to take a few shots because demolition of the rest of the buildings  was underway. It's kind of cool to walk around  and take shots, not getting too close - do not trespass and all...

This globe is enormous! rusted so deliciously, I would love to have this amazing pod!

Love the colours bright blue on  brick red.

Last remaining structures on the grounds. Kind of awesome really, though I have always disliked G.P. and it's poison. I lived above the mill in the early 80's and would wake  in the middle of the night when they burned their "hog fuel" - nauseous, head achy, and dizzy. Pretty terrible! All of Bellingham smelled gross- like a spoiled ham and tuna , rotten socks and cigars.

Where the arrow is pointing is the blue milk building in which My studio  is housed. We get a fair view of the taking apart of the horror that has been the mill.

This is a photo of the mill in 2001, just as it was closing down.

So Bellingham is cleaning up and being as green as it can be on a budget- The politics here are great! recycling,  on the path to democracy (what a concept) and organic!

below -400 porcelain toilets re-purposed from a green retrofit of a high rise, mixed with concrete to make a dandy sidewalk.

bikes - common transport 

AND the best progressive thing to have happened lately is that Gay marriage is legal in the state of Washington! YAY! GAY! 
Below is a photo I swiped from the link "this place".
His photos are the last four I also swiped.
A very cool dude with his partner own one of the best places to go in the Ham- the gay bar, where, if you want to just enjoy a Pilsner, you are left alone. 
In the past I went there because men were not interested in  me nor were women ( except that one time)...Clearly not on any one's gaydar, me, but i am pleased about marriage for all.

This place.


Leenie said...

It appears you will have a front row seat for all the going downs of the old paper mill. I'll bet the fish in the water will not be mercury flavored ever again. Too bad it will be so super expensive to clean up the mess.

Caroline said...

Interesting post - like you, love the rusty orb!

steven said...

it's such an awesome town linda sue . . . it must be cool to be inside such a culture . . .steven

elizabeth said...

Bellingham seems positively like Holland in its greenness.
This is very good news!
Such cool photos.
So sad bout the poor cat. I hope Dexter is getting on OK without a companion.

Loved your snowdrops below.
This comment may never get to you as I often get the words wrong...poor eyesight!

ellen abbott said...

that is a great pod. are you sure you can't get it moved to your studio? not that far away. anyhoo, glad that the Ham no longer smells like spoiled ham.

Pearl said...

Great site!

And how much would you give to live in that circular building?!


Shrinky said...

Shame the old mill will be remebered more for it's latter use, than for it's original purpose, but I guess the former left it's home a more lasting "gift". Great news there'll eventually be a clean-up, and hopefully something good to come out of the place. Gay marriages are legally sactioned in the UK, but sadly many churches still refuse to perform the ceremony for them, I'm guessig this is probably the case over where you are, too? (sigh)

Anairam said...

Oh, I like that pod too - I am thinking of buying it and changing it into a studio where i will make funny stitcheries and paper things and we can visit one another - or shout across the expanse and tell each other jokes. Unless I die from sludge-fumes first, of course.
Yippee Yay for Gay marriages!! I am very proud that gay marriage has been legal in South Africa since 2006, and have never understood why some American states still do not allow it.

Anairam said...

WTF!!!! What is with this new blogger crappy word verification system?? It took me six tries to get my first comment up. I see some people have complained about it elsewhere - it seems across blogger they are using the new system and fuck me, I can NEVER get the second word on the first or second or third try. Do they want to lose users? Maybe we should all change to typepad.

Linda Sue said...

AGREEED! the word verification is impossible- I have sent a complaint to BLOGGER as have others, so if you are challenged by the new fug up- tell them that they fixed something that was not broken! Oh Yeah, they fixed it good- so that comments can not be commented!

Steve Reed said...

Using old toilets for a sidewalk -- what an awesome idea!

I am so proud of Washington for taking this step re. gay marriage. And without so much of the drama that seemed to accompany the decision in other states. (Well, at least from where I am, it seemed you avoided drama.)

The view from your studio must be much improved now that all those industrial horrors are coming down.

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