Tuesday, September 16, 2014

woven paper, a boutonniere, beach glass pendants

Hanging on the wall in the paper store, a large woven paper,burlap, beach bark piece -The paper store displays works by folks who buy their supplies there- to give you ideas and make you think that all you need do is buy the stuff and -VOILA_ you are an artist!  I have loads of paper from this shop...it is in rolls behind the chair...I swear I will use it one day...I will be artistic and clever...one day.

below is the boutonniere made by the bride for her wedding, which I will miss because...Amsterdammit.

When the kids came for their other friend's wedding two weeks ago, too soon after our dear Gypsy child died, still raw with emotion, one of the girls gave me these things she had made from beach glass and wire found in a barn.  Tearful and sincere, "I want you to have these" she said.
Gypsy child and girl were going to sell these as well as other things fashioned from found bits at an art show in Portland next month. Life goes on within you and without you, so it has been sung. Arting is such a great way to while away the short time we have on this planet, I reckon...I am off to the paper store again,..and will stash my intentions behind the chair until I return. If our plane falls out of the sky, you will know where to find my stash.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Asian pears and tea


lanterns in the garden,
pine nuts on the deck.

And a gentle dog in the yard.
Tea at Janet's house is always satisfying and sweet.
Her garden abundant with pears, veggies, and spent bird nests. Lovely afternoon. Now I have to get packed for an adventure! Leaving at the end of the week- Amsterdammit!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Departed grave stories

We go to the Rez and drive around the point, take in the Lummi cemetery on a peaceful sunny morning, One of my favorite places to go, be quiet, and gather my wits. There is so much reverence for  life here, so much thoughtfulness for those departed and who they had been while walking around in their skin.Every grave tells a story of who the person has been.

First time I have seen some one's blanket wrapped up for them, first time to see a robot with bunny and elf.
Frequently seen are the tips of paddles, or floats or fishing poles.

and that which brought some measure of enjoyment to the person in this life.

Before time is up and then who knows...perhaps there is a great spirit who will care...
perhaps there is just stardust and swirling energy. We will never know for sure, will we?

This visit There were many cedar roses, cedar wreaths, Objects fashioned from nature.

On the hillside is the very old cemetery from the 1800's,  too old to be remembered. Their graves lack the luster of personality, just the facts, when born when died.

Stuff from the sea, driftwood grave markers, and the usual dollar store objects. The current cemetery is so lively ,the line between life and death , less defined. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Market on a Saturday morning

Market style, guy with his walker and his  chic wife with a cane-

The usual youngin,tatted, dreadhead, hippie/hipster...

Guy playing homemade instrument that sounded a bit like a Celtic thing and a gypsy thing got married, and had a bagpipe organ  baby.

A little mop haired child playing the washboard with thimble gloves.

a whole pile of instruments to choose from to play along with the accordion players.

The market today looked very harvesty. 
Stunning produce, intense color.
great homespun music and a tamale!

timing is everything

I have been dragging my friend around the Ham for the past 13 days - She is such a good sport...yesterday I took her to lunch at the harbour, While sipping on my Fresh peach drop, my friend exclaims "well, THAT is a rather large boat" I turn and start snapping shots.

It is my friend Richard returning from summer in Alaska aboard his yacht.

Timing is everything, fancy that! And docking this rather large vessel seems challenging but he makes it look effortless- nestles in gently beside the tiny looking boats, which without the scale of Richards boat are adequate in size, also.  

just another beautiful day in the Ham.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Friends from way back, Home skillet, a big chicken a tiny car

My best friend from way back,  when we were three years old living in the dirt of Wyoming, has been visiting here for the past while, soon to return to Colorado. Our other classmate lives just across the field from my house, We go over to see her and reconnect, talking old times and marveling that we have all made it this far! Our friend across the field is undergoing Chemo, she has henna designs on her baldness and looks amazingly gorgeous!
Her car is for sale (header) and this is one of her little dogs, NOT for sale!

We go out for lunch...
the taste of freedom!

where the dogs are happy-

the chicken- large,
 and the car - tiny.


lunch in a skillet on a polka dot table

Or on a plate with a pickle.Life is good, old friends , the best! Having my best friend here has been utterly joyful. We are more sisters than  friends actually, we shared a lot of our life with mutual parents/events - that sort of really close bonding only siblings know of one another.
We went to see BOYHOOD, the movie, last night, and it was as though we relived our entire childhoods together once again. Great movie, by the way- SEE IT!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

petal bowl

petal bowl

Splash Bowl

Splash Bowl


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