Friday, October 2, 2015

dirt and sun

Packing today taking care of last minute things, gathering keys to my studio for a friend to use while I am gone. The little studio with a window will not be mine after all  because another person with about five minutes seniority decided to take it. so Poop, All wool and art supplies in storage...
Stella and I will be off before sun up tomorrow  to 100 degree weather.
I had to buy another swim suit- this time had to get a size one million to be sure to cover my ample ass.
The thing about Palm Springs is that really there are no beauty queens (not counting the beautiful gay guys, of course, of which there are many, eye candy fo sho) and there is not a youth culture to try to put you in your place - tell you to shut up- that you are no longer valid because - ewwww elderly!

So, off we go again, to Stella's favorite location on the planet. She should live there during the long winter months- it is her cup of prosecco. We are not staying at our favorite place this time , for they have fallen into " yelp " hard times... lost their mojo it seems.This time we are staying in a little 1930's cottage among cottages from long ago where movie stars R and R ed. Funky cool, with an abundance of plastic flowers....

See you on the flip side . Have a great week. I will drink a toast to y'all, a cup of cheer, with dirt and sun in my eye.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

autumn in Cubby's garden, brother sets the table

Walking through the garden where Cubby lives, from where the pears were stolen  before fully ripened, where Zucchini grows into baseball bats, some things are just  left to become compost,
Not enough summer to ripen, the grapes are tiny little beads, the tomatoes , just barely colored. pushed aside by autumn.cones and nuts and hard things, for winter stores. The Squirrels are very busy, I bought a bag of Brazil nuts for them to keep their teeth in shape, their teeth need challenges like that to keep them from growing too long - remembering when we were little and could not get the nuts out , even with an ax - called Nigger toes then, without a thought of racism, it was just what they were named, like "lady fingers" without a thought of sexism or cannibalism- or Spotted Dick, without a thought of actually eating a spotted dick -   funniest cake EVER! People can be so  awkwardly politically correct, Having had an older brother  who saw the humor in everything especially his ridiculous little sister sort of set the table for the rest of my life. I laugh at me all day long, and everything else. It is all pretty much hilarious...Although- "inappropriate" ,  is the term thrown at me most often , in my defense, however, I have no control, it is the holy spirit rocketing out of me, no harmful intent, just is , as they say, what it is...holy spirit ,what ever that is, gets the joke, always.

On we go into the colors of Autumn , getting every one's attention, feeding the color receptors enough to get through the colorless winter. I am porking out on color at the moment! According to the weather guys , this winter is to be warmer and rainier. No bright  snow, which means no break in the tedium of grey, That is when I pull out the brightest rovings I can find, and pound them into some kind of impractical nonsense. At the end of this month I am moving to a different studio, much much smaller but has a WINDOW! Real light makes all the difference  to mood and art. Consequently, because I had so much space in the windowless studio, I have too much stuff- (as usual). ARRRGGGHHHH STUFF! Stuff for "just in case..." forgetting that the universe provides," when you need something, there it is! Hard to break the hunter gatherer impulse- the squirreling away, impulse...Deep within the DNA , that survivor thing of " must have..." our downfall really.

As I was leaving the garden The reflection in the bird bath caught my eye.
I am sure it  is a great metaphor-  It is  a house in a bowl of brackish bird water, but with your gift of creativity could be so much more, I got nuthin'

Sunday, September 27, 2015

a pup , and an egg

Cubby's folks went to Canada for lunch, Cubby took me for a walk across the street from his house, Beautiful path that is part of the interurban trail , Aroyo park, the squiggly line of the trail above Aroyo is called the hundred acre wood- which the people of Bellingham fought tooth and nail for to save  from a developer. I rarely go there because I always get lost, it is not marked clearly and is heavily wooded, Loads of critters live there as well. BUT it has been saved at least for the time being. The people won.

The creek of course is low, very low. There are no salmon.

A downed power pole from the last big wind, Looks tortured just lying there all tied up and screwed..

on our way back we pass "the office"

and the charming little gallery next to Cubby's house.
His girlfriend, who is a human, works in the gallery and he strains against the leash to go in there but it is crowded with tourists so I tell him "next time."

He is a little miffed when we get back home.
He will not share his eggs.

but he will roll over for a tummy scritch, and a wiggle.
I love this little dog, He is so easy and so soft and so good. 
A very nice day for a walk with a pup, and , no, I will not be getting my own pup any time soon.
I will borrow Cubby.

Mr. Man makes the coffee

A portrait drawn by the neighbor kid, not a very good likeness but the neighbor kid did get the chest hair right.
Mr. Man with the best of intentions made the coffee this morning.

I heard him say, and he must have really been cross because the most he ever says when things do not go according to plan is "shoot".

Saturday, September 26, 2015

fried arteries, city's demise, ghost girl

Feeling Autumn, Time for comfort food, Collected fish and chips from the bus- substituted fresh cole slaw for chips, with an extra piece of cod. somewhat healthier- for deep fried food...she said as her blood pressure rose and she added another layer of fat to the frame, and her arteries said " we are shutting this down, girl!"

Erik found a house, lives with room mates for the first time ever, I made bread and apple crumble to send, making brownies today and will send other kitcheny  things _ no clutter, nothing to add to the mess of objects the three already have.

Portland has become one of the most expensive cities, edging toward San Francisco's ridiculous rents/costs. Alexandra Pelosi, addresses this issue, tech industry edging the charm out of cities we used to love for that very reason. It is inevitable and is happening to Portland right now.
Jobs for every one under the radar of tech are non existent.Erik is in a mild panic, "no worries", I say, "you can come back home and live in the basement." Curiously that only adds to his panic! Of course I take it personally. Jewish Mom, much?

My friend gave me loads of apples from their trees, We ate as many as we could, so the crumble is the last of the lot. She also gave me a variety of beautiful pears , before a backyard thief came in the night and stole ALL of the pears and fruit on the trees! A trespasser, druggie who has returned to the village to live her ghost life in her mother's house.. Strung out, grey blue, boney, Ghostly. And, of course, my friend's little dog, Cubby, is not watchdog material. Everything is just fine as long as there is chicken and kibble in the bowl- there is much to be learned from Cubby.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Asian pears, leaning sprouts, Stella does it again!

From my friend Janet's tree, the pear in the middle is as large as a baby's head.

I changed the soil that nurtures our fig tree, It still looks sad and sorry but the baby sprouts leaning toward the sun seem happy.
Not sure what to do about this fig tree , it lived on the deck for a while when it was summer and liked it until the wind blew it over a few times and the nights became chilly. I brought it back in. The bird loves it but the tree is just not glad.
They tend to be temperamental  and sensitive. Like teenage angst.
 I should send it to camp.

I walked into the massive second hand corporate so called "charity" store yesterday.
A few years ago Stella sat for about eight "artists" who were painting breast cancer survivors, Stella got to choose her favorite to take home with her, She chose the one done by a professional artist, the painting looks nothing like Stella , very stylized - wise choice in that it is valuable because of the artist. So, she had to let the other's go.
Facing me as I walked into the store was this !

 Stella NOT Stella 
Of course I had to buy it, for $7.99
Happy Birthday Stella!
This is what you are getting!

so bad it is good,  like paint by number, like Jesus on velvet. 
I LOVE this and $7.99 was the correct price-$450.00, not so much.

Stella finally found airfare to Palm Springs for us to go the first of October, her birthday month.
We will only stay for a week - great- 89 degrees. 
Airfare has been ridiculous lately not sure why, Stella, persistent as a pit bull, did sink her teeth into effort and came up with a flight stopping twice, change in Portland, and San Francisco. Silly when you consider that we are not that distant from PS. BUT we can afford the fare.  
YAY Stella, once ideas , most determination! 

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

petal bowl

petal bowl

Splash Bowl

Splash Bowl


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