Saturday, May 28, 2016

pup comes to visit, borrowed photos

There is a group on Face Book called " The Seeing Bellingham Group"  I lifted these three photos from there because...OBVIOUS!!! The photographer consistently takes astonishing shots.

- in the studio Little Deuce comes  for a biscuit , a scritch and a tug of war with some wool. Is he not the cutest ever!!
He is from the alternative humane society , a no kill group. Little Deuce has seizures, his person said he had one that lasted about three hours one day, it is terrifying, the Vet can not figure out why he has seizures. 
I suspect he may have heard about the  Lewis and Clark expedition ,  every dog that did not have a name got roasted and eaten, the only one to survive was the newfy named Seaman. It has given Deuce quite  a shock. I reassured him that HE would be alright - he has a name. He is safe and loved- so just stop with the seizure bidniz. 
( Another reason to NOT get a pup)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

corporate charity shop, finding an old friend

Went to the art store and on the way home pulled into the somewhat entertaining thrift store. They claim the profits are to help folks with challenges but really, that is a lie, 
 I just took photos and only bought new, packaged clarinet reeds.
I passed up:
becoming a beer snob.
 And the 
dollies galore, in a jumble , two bins full.

a wall of Barbies suffocating in plastic bags.
- creepy in various stages of undress. 

A large and weighty poodle bottle
opens at the back, has a spout.
Poodle juice?

And a very sad Barry chia.
difficult to resist , I know, but resist I did!

The very best thing  has happened this week,  I found an old , dear, friend on FACE BOOK!, I have been searching for her for many years, have kept her letters from back in the day, all of her drawings, She and I had so much fun during a time in our lives when it was a life saver to find one another .
Then she went to Pratt- and I went off to a horse training ranch in the desert. We lost each other. 
Just as well, for she became more of who she always was, fabulous artist, a NYC  beauty spreading her loveliness all over the place,  very tall and elegantly thin , ethereal, and I, well, stubby at best... dust and horse hair, Levi's and boots,  learning how to spit and blow my nose at the same time without a hankie. Mucking stalls, showering occasionally .
We went off in entirely opposite directions 
She has continued on to be fabulous, consistently astonishing,  I, on the other hand, have done little to improve upon the me that was, I do shower more often,probably, The grungiest thing I do now, I suppose, is go to the corporate thrift store - Not quite as grunge as mucking a stall, but....
 We are still opposite, AND we still love each other!
So good! Amazing, actually.
Face book has bailed me out more than twice- found my entire Norwegian family, as I have mentioned before, and NOW THIS!
 The clarinet reeds are special- flavored! I have never heard of flavored reeds! So, now I suppose I should keep my clarinet and learn how to play it beyond  seventh grade skill level.

Or not. Probably not...reckon I will just eat the reeds.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

fancy pants fashion, night out with Stella

 Ragfinery , presented it's annual event last night, standing room only, heaps of folks on top of one another,though Stella purchased tickets online well in advance and we got there a half an hour early, no seats for us- we stood right up next to the "shooting gate", advantageous , really. Last year the challenge was to reconstruct wedding gowns , this year it was to deconstruct and  meld cocktail dresses with tuxedo trousers, 50/50 into a whole new garment.
They were all gorgeous!

This one, below, Stella and I agreed was our favorite though it did not win , not even a mention...

The presenter and board director is retiring his position, rewarded with a freezer door .

Still early, we went to our favorite cocktail place , which is haunted, pictures and mirrors on the wall require repositioning every morning when the staff arrives... we listened to music over a couple of fancy pants drinks...

I watched as the bartender made drinks for a table of two women and one man. He poured the first with the vodka nearly to the rim, a splash of tomato juice, some garnish...the next he filled to the rim with tomato juice and a splash of vodka- some garnish, then made some girly pink drink...wonder who will get the first concoction as if I did not know....
sexist bartender!
To be fair, however, he did have an obvious crush on the man and probably got a substantial tip.
So it goes....
A night well spent with our Stella.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Come with me to La Conner

a Beautiful day for a drive down Chuckanut , Through Edison, along Farmer to Market road all the way to La Conner,
Sun shining all the way!

Everything looking vibrant and large!

 The Rhody's are plump, some along the way are monstrous, dwarfing  houses and barns.
I did not stop to take a photo because there is no shoulder on that road.
trust me, you would be impressed!
Guess you'll just have to come and see for yourself.

 I bought a shirt, I bought a jacket, I bought ear rings, I am thrilled! The ear rings fit best.

On my way back to the car, I snap the totem.

 - then notice that two eagles are circling overhead.
They may be trying to encourage the totem eagle to take flight, showing him how it's done.

-discouraging to have such a pupil.

This is the parking lot. Someday that old building will fall on a few cars, but not today. 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

two Mary's and five petals

painted two rather hurried disgruntled Mary's today.

I do not have any more cardboard to paint on .

So, back to stabbing wool.

ordered some pretty roving from a group on Facebook instead of ETSY, which I am boycotting.
As my items time out I am not re listing them. Backing out of ETSY.
Fun while it lasted and all, time for another time suck.
Nothing else is new, discovered Tanqueray 10 and trying to drink too much of it...
Vitamin 10!!!

Friday, May 13, 2016

fooling around with texture, a scary Mary, homeless have shifted

Karen down the hall does amazing art work, using textures and objects and paint and everything under the sun, Her art moves me, she has super powers, really, can very nearly make me cry , her art is so intense! She gave me some texture stuff to play with. The texture lends itself well to botanical , which is what I started with.
Creepy flowers, they are not finished yet, must add more creep.I am liking what the goopy crackle does to the canvas after days drying, the thicker the goop the more the crackle,it does take days to dry however.

And then another Mary! She is truly terrifying, that is why i keep her behind the wall in brick jail.
I used some texture with fiber in it for the wall.

Great day in the studio, the homeless have been moved , the city has cleaned up all of their mess.
- tea and digestives four times to celebrate, and yes an entire package of digestives only adds to the immense body that I live in- there is no caring at this point.
soon to qualify for make- you - skinny- surgery- one might think that at this rate , that that is my goal. ( there are entirely too many "that"s in that sentence)  My friend has just had that done - went to Las Vegas where they do that sort of surgery a million times a day, not on the same person, mind you,- some sort of zipper thing that made her stomach tiny,( so many "that"s, - must be one of the most popular words in the
English language) -she has lost over 20 pounds already and I say, hoorah! Whatever it takes, life is short, do as you will....IF you've got the cash, why not.
Paint Scary Mary's, and weird alien flowers, eat digestives, it's all good.

You can see on the left hand side of the pile of sticks in the X- homeless camp- the new boss.

SO much better! Back to normal.
Rabbit is happy.

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

petal bowl

petal bowl

Splash Bowl

Splash Bowl


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