Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cubby caught a rabbit and killed it!

Cubby is here for a week, his humans , in Boston, taking care of daughter business.

Cubby took me for a long, too long, walk, he had to rest three times in the cool grass.

Made it home eventually, where he ate turkey and cheese and drank a gallon of water...and caught a rabbit!

Poor rabbit did not stand a chance!

do not even try to take it away!

Monday, June 27, 2016

house boats, fisherman's wharf, Victoria

About half a mile from our Inn, Fisherman's wharf offers the best chowder you ever ate in your entire life! A large bowl with a ginger ale - five bucks! Canadian! Which in US dollars is very nearly free! , Beautiful little house boats with tiny gardens on roof tops. 

The woman sitting on the deck by the spiral stairs is dead, a mannequin dressed in her finest 

the heron in front of the orange float is waiting for breakfast. Since Mr. Man is in a meeting , I am after the same.

I think that living on one of these adorable little house boats might be too humid, I can imagine black mold crawling up the walls, strangling you in your sleep, but they are most charming!

Children on the dock tossing small fishes to the seals.

there is competition, must stay on the alert!

Very mellow and typical Canadian politeness, I love Canada! 
Plus I can find my favorite English Walker's nonsuch in the corner shop.
A taste of Britain within driving distance, with a very decent cup of tea.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

room with a view and diner en blanc

 In Victoria for three nights /four days, Our room on the forth floor overlooking bay/harbor/ all of the boaty activity that goes on all day and night- the Empress
Parliament buildings
 The windows were all around - it was like being in a glass house in the sky. 


the rooftops- 

The Empress, where one must make reservations well in advance and dress up for high tea- we did not. Pretty sure Mr. Man would scoff at the whole dainty fuss, and the silly little sandwiches. 


the little water taxis are a good deal, There are so many inlets and bits of chopped up island to explore, so for ten bucks you can travel round trip to the farther reaches.

Directly across I notice what at first looked like snow, but it was moving.
All white...must be a Mooney mass wedding I thought,
As it turns out it was the annual Diner En Blanc, which went on well into the wee hours and then 

Our room - the hospitality suite- because Mr. Man is president of the Study Club for Dentistry- a perk  Nicest room I have ever stayed in, - Aveda  bath products in little silk bags- special teas, chocolates , strawberries in chocolate , macarons. 
It was a kind of fancy that I could get used to I am sure, if only I had more practice...

Victoria is such a lovely little town and the island is wild and beautiful, With the exchange rate in our favor the best of Victoria is wonderfully affordable- I will be back!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

backing off

I have closed my ETSY shop, - stacks of stuff in the hallway to take to  Humane Society charity shop - The buying and selling of stuff has kept me in pin money for about twenty years, but I think I am over it, Stuff I mean, not the money it brought in, With Etsy hitting the skids, and ebay being such a miserable nightmare- the antique booths no longer an option for me, I am just chucking it all. 
I will think of something else that does not take up so much space and attention. 
Now that Son is on his own and working semi regularly at Bent Studio in Portland, I am pretty much off the hook as far as keeping him on his feet financially. Life is pretty simple about now.
Mrs. Squirrel comes three times a day, to beat the blue jays to the peanuts, almonds and pine nuts left on the deck. Mr. Crow comes twice a day and yells at me to get some food out there QUICK!

The rain is not constant- good days for walking into town.

I pass the  steps leading to , nowhere, which is a perfect metaphor for my inner climate at the moment. Politically, socially, living in the midst of bad news all the time takes a toll.
I am backing off.  
Pulling the plug on NPR, MSNBC, news paper, and scrolling fast through facebook just hitting the good news and art posts.
This country is  fucked as democracy and sanity  goes,  though I was astonished to hear of  Jo Cox's murder, it rather pales in comparison to what goes on in this country daily.
The rats have gone mad!

So I take a walk- I buy a fat organic chicken on my way home, to bake for Mr. Man and the crow. The crow likes the breast meat and Mr. Man eats the legs, I eat the wings - pretty sure that they will impart super powers , the gift of flight!

It is always good to have googly eyes on hand.

Middle step son and family in town today with their two dogs, This is Cosmo, weighs about 8 pounds, if that, a forever baby who absolutely MUST be held at all times, He is so tiny! 
I will be taking Cubby again for a week after we return from Victoria - I will get my dog fix- 
I look forward to long walks with a pooch.
 looking forward, also, to a future of backing off- unplugging and eliminating - making space for clear thoughts.  Blog may also be unplugged very soon, but not before VICTORIA . Such a pretty place that STILL has no proper plumbing - all of their defecation has forever gone directly into the straight! 

Friday, June 10, 2016

puppy makes art

Brought another ball for Deuce the pup in the  studio today.

He chased it many times, then decided to get to work.

Buster would be pleased...

Such hard work but he finally was pleased with his accomplishment 

It is now secured on hefty water color paper to hang on the wall

nice job little Deuce!
Good boy!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

independence vs being alone, NO organic gin

Walking with out my dog, without my child, without a friend or partner, walking alone is actually  nice, no complaints, though I do miss their good company. The deer are friendlier,  there is a rabbit in this garden below, so shy you can not see him.
But, believe me when I tell you, the  animals are much more friendly to me when I walk alone. 
Most likely because there is no sound,  ninja walk. And I can walk where I will at the pace I wish. No stopping to sniff every blade of grass, no whining because "I'm tired, mommy"...

The only time I find it a bit odd to be be utterly alone is when I go out to a bar-ish venue for music .
Last night ,on a tip from a friend in Wyoming, I went to The Green Frog to listen to Von Stomper, of which said friend is their poster boy..See him with his horse below.
It was not advertised, it was a rainy dark Wednesday evening and all of Bellingham was snoozing, it is a snooze of a town anyway, consequently they played to a crowd of nine!!!, Bless their hearts!
I bought them each a shot of Jack Daniels, we toasted our mutual friend, Rodney and his  horse- they played for two and half hours, It was like a private concert, just me sitting at a dark table in the back - alone.

 -independent enough to go on my own - good -  actually sitting alone was odd . 
For the first time it dawned on me that being alone was not  a choice, it was, because - no choice! First time EVER!  
 - there will be reckoning, adjusting.
-the interlude of pets, children, Mr. Man's family-  brief, enriching , busy, crowded-  off my usually track-
That  quiet loner style track.
Son is well established in his world- Mr. Man in his, and all of my immediate  family and pets have gone over the rainbow.

To allow for this new period in my life , Stabbing wool and throwing paint around, is  beneficial, The studio is a haven! 
Arting for no other reason than just to fool around ,  paint on  cardboard - tossing it  into the bin.   is wonderful therapy. 
- stabbed flower is about a five inch diameter, I tried to get the petals potato chip thin on purpose, while listening to Animals in Translation by Temple Grandin. Actually being alone is pretty damned wonderful...on walks and in the studio-
not so much  in a tavern, with a sad gin and tonic- plus
 the gin was local, some organic weirdo and not very good which made it even more awkward -an eight dollar gin and tonic made of pretend gin when I had already blown my budget on shots for the band.
I WILL get the hang of this new so called freedom, this independence/ alone-ness- I will.
 There is no buffer. And I will learn  to stick with the gin I know!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

petal bowl

petal bowl

Splash Bowl

Splash Bowl


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