Saturday, July 26, 2014

large moth and a new phobia

 I think my large moth experiment is done, He will be left in the studio to stand guard .

 Not particularly clever or photogenic.
but he is...large.He likes to wear thick wool socks it appears.

On to the next experiment- Holes are intriguing, NOT moth holes,  I have that covered , no, holes that frighten!. Trypophobia is the fear of small clusters of holes. Knowing this new- to- me phobia exists I am compelled to felt small clusters of holes.
Not quite sure how to go about felting frightening holes yet. Like the moth, it is all experimental. I do not have a teacher...want to step in?
- blame and disappointment will not be mine alone- sharing is something we do best.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A summer not so special

It is nearly August, the sun should have been doing it's job...the heat in the house goes on automatically  this morning,  4:30, I know because that is when Dexter gets up , and takes me outside in the pouring rain. He is carried up the stairs where he starts his day, eating steak and snoozing...because that is how it is these days. I make a tub of coffee and drink it all. Up at 4:30, my favorite....
Yesterday afternoon, the boats in the harbor, truly at home in the dark rainy weather, so used to it. We  celebrate a friend's birthday drinking whiskey and eating salmon swimmers in the harbor cafe.There is a fire roaring in the fireplace...this is summer.

no need for the garden hose.
no need for the deck.

Dexter likes the rain and agrees to take me for a little walk. He finds a gold doily, a pig with a broken leg,  a purple pipe cleaner, and a shard of pottery. Well done, Pooch! He has not yet lost his Finding Skills.

I still do not have a photo editor on the new #@$**! computer.
I manage to keep my frustration under control pretty much but any one with ears probably can hear me unloading every swear word I have ever heard since third grade 
Oh, Look, I have startled someone....sorry.

Dexter is not much help figuring out this new machine, so grateful to be deaf, I am sure, glad that one of his many beds is just under my machine where I spend too much of the day trying to outsmart it... And I am so grateful to have this first world problem. Really, I am...The radio is on, The news is on. I should never complain.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Don't want to

 Hey Pup, want to go out?

Guess not...The temperature is still pretty mild but Dexter thinks it is too warm and would much rather lie on the cool floor with his tongue sort of out. 
We have to leave him alone this evening...I do not want to.
Mr. Man came home the other night and announced, "we are going to dinner at a guy's house, Tuesday evening," My immediate reaction is NO! Don't want to...I don't know these people, they are acquaintances of Mr. Man through another person, They invited , he said yes. So little Dexter will have to fend for himself, guard the house and cry a lot, which he has been doing lately. Poor little dude, he has always gone everywhere with me and doesn't understand that that can not happen anymore. Old toot,  happier at home. And I am going to have to try my best to be acceptably beige, challenge! 

Still trying to make this computer work for me , still can not figure out photos, though ,now I have a rudimentary editor, basic crop , and, um, crop...
Quite a privileged complaint,  I should just shut up. "Should"....

Saturday, July 12, 2014

moon on the deck

Somebody on face book said " Anyone with a camera go out now and take a shot of the moon" So I did.
Not bad for a little canon, Moon particularly photogenic at this time .
Still have not reckoned with this new computer and am about ready to see how far it can fly off of the deck.
Glad that this glorious summer weather lures us outside, though Dexter can no longer guide me on adventures, it is so nice for us to just go into the yard without having to wear six layers. 

Watched the documentary re: Muammar Gaddafi  - wow, the things we do not know- it is little wonder this nation is so ignorant, believing corporate media, believing...oil !!! With all that is available on the  information highway- 
it is a choice to be so sadly ignorant, stubborn  reluctance , so wanting to believe that, as a nation, we are honorable ( thank you old messed with history texts)(and thank you religion), great set up for manipulation.  Mr. Man has gone to TAM , getting all fired up and optimistic about the possibilities of humans using  brains and reason-  plus anything with "meeting" tacked on it really appeals to the guy who LOVES meetings of any sort...If I would like to go out for an evening I say " there is a meeting at Anthony's tonight, you have been appointed as treasurer, I will be taking the notes and  making a report."...Going out with a "purpose" is acceptable, just as he views travel...there must be "purpose" Structure, a meeting...That, too, is an old mindset,
just for "the heck of it" does not apply.
Anyway, The documentary on Sho-time is well worth watching. guaranteed to make your little mind become uncomfortably  larger... painful.
here is an afterthought to quell the distress.
be sure to watch this lovely video, takes me back to simple Tee-pee living, in my youth.
Too old now...or is that just a faulty mindset as well?

Monday, July 7, 2014

technology, new is not best.and a voice from the past.

I have not been lucky with this new computer. I am finding other things to do to avoid it entirely. Coming home from getting fruit and working on a thing in the studio, the deer, a mother and the cutest little spotted fawn lead the way..

The rainier cherries this year are amazing, I have eaten too many, to be sure, and will continue to do so until they are no longer in season. OR until my teeth feel like I have been chewing on tin foil.

So, in the studio, I stitched some old canvas place mats and an old silk jacket for wings, felted the still trying to figure out how to make the legs and antenna.
It is far from brilliant and not at all what I had in mind but that is the way it goes when my big ideas meet my lack of skill. Also it is not finished, not even close.

While in the studio, I found an old audio tape , my clunker CD player is so old that it will accommodate tapes! So, I listened...started out with Erik at about five years old talking to his friend across the street. The sound of his little self damned near broke my heart, then it skipped- turned into a voice unfamiliar to me. It went on and on talking about the most mundane events, while chopping apples, ironing clothes, driving through flood waters, and then it mentioned  that this voice was feeling the baby kicking and rumbling around, a James Brown baby- Oh WOW, It was a tape I had made to send to my best friend in England nearly 30 years ago! I do not even know that person...she was way too cheerful!Freaky to hear it pregnant life out on the beach in a small cabin, far from town,  talking to a ribbon of tape for lack of company. Why was I so damned cheerful? Must have been happy  hormones.Anyway, I am fed up with technology, fed up with  ideas that don't work, wondering where I might find that cheerful hormone again, without having to be all round with an Erik baby in my middle.Vodka?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

dead toys,the queen retires

Difficulty using new computer, making the easy impossible! So I cleaned up my studio a little bit, felted a thing, came home, having bought a totally loved to death dog.Holes that required weaving stitches everywhere.

And an old compo broken, unstrung  doll.

FIXED, yay me!

Put them in my booth at the Fairhaven Antique mall .
The biggest news is that our Stella retired!

There was the best party to honor her, everyone wore hats, the tables were filled with beautiful food and flowers...there were  speeches and cupcakes!

and so begins another life for Stella. One I think that she might get used to and wonder why she had not done this sooner.

Now there is a summer of doing fun things, without having to get up at the crack of dawn  driving a zillion miles to work ...and for learning French.

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

petal bowl

petal bowl

Splash Bowl

Splash Bowl


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