Monday, January 26, 2015

re-purposed ear muffs and an egg

Header is this morning , purple fog. The weather is less than inspiring, as usual this time of year. Stella and I have decided to seek the sun once again, and will leave in a few weeks for Palm Springs, the wonderful land of kitsch , gays,little dogs and really old folks. The combo makes a very entertaining stroll through town under a bright sun and clean air. 
I have never worn these ear muffs but could not toss them and, as it appears, for good reason.  

In the dark afternoon , while waiting for chicken in the oven, I grabbed my stabber and made a hedgehog happen. 
He looks more like a bear/baby seal/dog than a hedgehog

Before the baked chicken and the hedgehog, came the egg.

I have never seen an egg come out of a chook striped...the inside was just the same as all other eggs, - whoa-like under the shell we, oops, I mean THEY are all the same,??? just that some shells are fancier than others.???? whoa! Deep!
Fancy shells are more rare and so they get photos taken and praised and set aside on the counter to be admired but really ...yolks on them. ( I know, groan) eggs are just eggs in the end.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Downtown, buttons and wrong color wool

Downtown with Stella, lunch at our favorite Italian cafe, while waiting for her outside I pointed my camera at a trash can and caught a hand print, "R" for "right" ? or rong?

 pointed camera across the street and caught hope for justice. A nice idea, though not likely.

after lunch we went for a look around at our favorite consignment shop, Stella found a chair for a bear and I found glass Buttons. though this photo makes them look yellow, they are really a rich ochre.The lady selling them started to tell the story of them being hidden in the flu of the fire, covered in soot, unrecognizable in their seventy years of hiding from Nazis...I stopped listening. Can't handle the stories of Nazi anything. 

I waited for three weeks to get promising wool from new Zealand. I ordered vermilion "Poppy" and deep red "Crimson" and the photos online were  and rich and accurate- this is what arrived. 
 icky pink and a lighter shade of icky pink. damn! 

I might try to dye it, I will use it for something and the wool itself is wonderfully soft.
Wonder how many icky pink things I can make and not get queasy?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Peppers pancakes and scissored folks

Stuffed peppers have always been my fave...I never made them because when my son was younger he would not go near a pepper unless it was hidden in a forty pound pizza. Mr. Man said they upset his delicate tummy... Son eats all vegetables now, though he lives so very far away, and loves stuffed peppers, made them when he was here for the week end.... Mr. Man , so hungry because of his diabetes diet restrictions that he LOVES them! YAY, success.
Along with the peppers - gluten free rice flour/egg pancakes- so healthy !
Winter food.

While peppers bake in the oven, I scissored a group of ten inch tall ladies, and stitched cut out hearts to their nosegays. 
Oh yeah, never a dull moment here under the clouds! 

Planning a trip in June, solo this time. Going to Whitstable for a wedding party, to Canterbury, London, of course. I do love England! And who knows, might get an open ended ticket...I could end up anywhere!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

autos on the Hannegan, a bird in the mirror

Driving down the Hannegan, Great old truck , completely useless for humans but the birds seem to like it.

An old Belaire, still in driving condition, love the skull above the door of the house in the background.
Had to drive the Hannegan to get to a place where somebody found my credit card! Nice honest person!

Picachou was in the mood for travel as well. Hopped on my shoulder for a trip around the house to check out the handsome bird in the mirrors. .

Picachou leaves fluff everywhere, if you want  a clean tidy creature to love, a Picachou is not for you.

See all of the dander on my jacket.

He was singing loudly in my ear, I tried to record it for you but failed. This bird is like a little drop of sunshine! You know we need it!

Monday, January 12, 2015

stabbing for baby, finding brown

The daughter of a friend is expecting  a baby girl in a couple of months. I worry for the youngin's  bringing up other youngin's during climate change, overpopulation, global insanity that seems to be so out of control. BUT it is always happy news to welcome fresh blood to this world, They come in such adorable packages!
She likes my elves and wanted a dolly for baby, Brown skin, bright clothing.

I stabbed and stabbed, days and days. Ordered brown roving from etsy, bought brown roving at the little shop in Fairhaven. All browns , either too green, too dark, too beige, as in nursing home beige, or too flat, too red, too orange, to blackish...

Browns are difficult!
Finally after many tries, blended a sort of stirred latte/ mocha colour together. I think it is OK.
Her eyes give me the creeps so I will fix that but I do think the brown is finally good enough. 

and then went for a stroll.

The sun peeked out for about twenty minutes, just long enough to get fresh air. Stingy sunshine, the clouds shoved it aside and I got caught in a downpour. This winter is kicking my ass!
But , to you, I say...

Sunday, January 11, 2015

leaves in jail and a robot who does not drink crappy coffee

walking through the neighborhood, folks have put their leaves to bed, or in jail. I like the ones exposed to the rain, in pens. More attractive than..

this one. It is like a comparison between washi tape and duct tape. 

On our way to the theater to see BIRDMAN, a robot greets us with sound advice.
And the movie, very intense, very good, I wouldn't mind watching it again with sound canceling head phones, though the percussive battatat and clang certainly enhanced the emotion.

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

petal bowl

petal bowl

Splash Bowl

Splash Bowl


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