Saturday, April 25, 2015

spring so hard

Rain in the morning, rain all day yesterday and the day before that and the day before that and hail and chilly winds and then this happens!

Spring comes on like a truck!
Dogwood blossoms as big as  puppies!

the grass SO green - eyes hurt! I ate some salty pie last night - my eyes are squinty from that,looks like I have been punched in the face, comes in handy on a day like this one. 

I witnessed this attack on the street...afraid the chair lost the battle. Pinned by plastic board!

the other side said "FREE" 
Oh so tempting, I thought, "I should pick this up for Steve and send it to his house in bleeding London."
He would totally thank me! But then I was not sure if just the victorious plastic was "free' or the entire, IF you are listening, "sorry Steve". guess some one else will figure it out. Came home ate some more salty pie, just in case the sun comes out again tomorrow. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

scruffy baby, weed control, new art on the wall

It is ridiculous how friendly the deer are. How they do not move when I get this close. The scruffy baby is either losing it's winter coat or it has a skin disease which turns them grey and patchy, I can't remember the name of the disease at the moment and could google it I suppose, to save everyone time...I suppose I could do that...Or, because these deer eat peoples lawns and stuff that has been sprayed, they may have been compromised by ingesting that which is toxic.
People are getting smarter however, while walking to the post office today , the yards and alley ways all smelled like soapy  salad dressing. People are using vinegar, Epsom salts, and Dawn soap in spray bottles, So much better now than the nasty pesticide/fungicide gas of the past.

The mom has tattered ears and the same patchy coat, both are very comfortable outside the back door.
Loving the overgrown grass and weeds.

the neighbor has put down loads of cardboard on the back path, with wood chips on top , about three feet thick. That should take care of the weed problem on that path!

I popped in to the studio to collect some paint so that I can fool around with it on the deck in the sunshine. Two new art pieces hung on the wall by my door. It is very dark back there, so I turned up the brightness in my camera.

It does not do any favors for this piece that Tyree painted.  The photo is not accurate, The painting is rich and deep and lovely.
If I were not involved in getting rid of thingy things I would have this painting in a heart beat. 
saying "no" to stuff is my new normal.

Etsy shop has picked up a bit. No complaints! I guess there are still folks that like to "acquire". Good for me! 
The sun came out for three days straight! Oh my! everyone is sunburned, just like that *snap*.
Fabulous sunshine!Light is good!

Friday, April 17, 2015

cabin, sun shower,compost nest rebuild

Remember the little cabin surrounded by beautiful trees, barely visible from the road where I walked Dexter? This is it now...all trees chopped down, What is the matter with people who do not like trees??? I do not know!

and this, hanging on the fence all year round, optimistic, I would say, or a shower for one who prefers  icy cold water to snap them out of whatever needs snapping!

One of my favorite back alley sheds...becoming more broken.

and you may also remember the large nest for compost in a neighbors yard, It was looking pretty sad by the end of winter so they have rebuilt it. It is fabulous. Love the scale- LARGE.

  Sunshine squeaks through across the street
just in time to go down.
With California running out of water, I am pretty sure that there will be a grand exodus north...Might be a good time to sell the house and get the hell out of this country.
When it comes to fight or flight, I choose the later! 
It would be nice to spend the last part of this life in a more civil society-
Must find one!
Somewhere where the grass is always greener....

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A ride to the county

Going for a ride with Stella.
we go to Christensen's nursery which is more than a nursery.
There is an excellent art show in the schoolhouse, I buy a bracelet and a fork. The fork is for Mr. Man, it is built out of a golf club so that he can either do damage from a safe distance or roast a wiener.

there are birds kept in this amazing aviary. Nice place to live.

the plants are all enticing, I am tempted always, but every time I plant something Mr. Man tears it out, I have given up, having lost my favorite lavender, and nasturtium to his "gardening skills"...not to mention the trees. 
So I have put on my "don't care" attitude," do what you will,"- I will buy a bracelet instead of trying to plant a purchased plant, and I won't let Mr. Man wear it, ever!
You are on your own Mr. Man and good luck weeding all by yourself.
Is that passive aggressive?,,,, I am a terrible person,...probably.

There were a couple of these cool wheeled lawn chairs in the yard, the white tower thing on the side is a composition of vases and plates glued one on top of the other, all charity shop finds, very clever idea for a bird bath. 

there are woolly animals roaming about, they live in that adorable little shed...and the mud.

On we go, for more adventure. Such a gorgeous day!
Not a drop of rain!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

walking the old walk ,in a lonely frame of mind

If I get this travel bug out of my system...I will adopt another pooch probably, though none can re- place  Dexter. I am sure all dog people feel the same way about their dogs." that was the best dog in the universe".
This evening I walked our old walk around the hood, looking at all of the uncultivated flowers popping up of their own accord.

  and the neighbors garden getting started in style. Her dogs have also died, she had three gigantic ones that tore around the yard, a garden was not possible. Her husband also died so she can make her garden fanciful without his conservative serious notions determining "normalcy". 

I met a new pup, Lopez, in the alley, the lad who is his person told me that when he goes to college, like my son had, that he would be taking his pooch... as an anxiety dog...a helper. His mother and I exchanged the "yeah, right..." glance.

 This is the puppy's cat, She followed me all the way down the alley, until her person opened the cat food  tin. Radar!! a cat can hear that sound from miles away!

I thought that after Dexter died I would get out more and make strides,  it has not happened yet.
Now that the weather MIGHT be becoming more walkable, I will walk more. Walk the blues and sad feelings away. It usually does it's magic, and the world rights itself. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Limo ride, bridge,and cake

 OK, so it was a limo ride, Lights and sparkles and mirrors . Felt like a prom night.
Not sure what the big deal is about limo riding.
Difficulty driving along the winding road of Chuckanut drive, difficulty maneuvering through tiny Edison. We did drink wine brought back from the south of France by one of the women and everyone brought food.

Went to La Conner, where there is a park up the hill from under the bridge, again not many strayed far from the warmth of the car.
I did, and knew that I had to scurry lest they leave without me.

selfie sparkle mirror

As if we had not had enough to eat and drink we picked up four artichoke pizzas in La Conner, and then back home for strawberry angel food cake.

I will say that that was a birthday well spent! Happy Birthday, Happy divorce, Happy selling of property, neighbor. You did it well.

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

petal bowl

petal bowl

Splash Bowl

Splash Bowl


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