Saturday, July 4, 2015

the fourth of BS

This flag thing is really annoying, it is EVERYWHERE...but I like the irony of it represented on the garbage truck this morning!

I decide to go to the farmers market and get something good for lunch, I pass this very odd white , blue braid chair ,on the side of the road. Too tall to get into with out a step stool,  the seat too deep, legs would not be able to dangle, they would stick out straight , like a five year old child in a Grampa chair,  see how it's little skirt dances in the breeze? Not sure which of these design elements is the least successful...on the whole I would say ... might want to reconsider the whole chair idea... a table  painted black might  work, or bonfire fodder. That would for sure work.

arrive at the market where this lass is walking her tiny horse.

Where there is entirely too much red, white and blue.

 fresh flowers from small gardens are well represented and smell like an angel might have passed by here, naked and sneezing.

I drop a dollar in the case for the hurdy gurdy man.

but not for the flip flop, tin and bucket playing man, only because he plays percussive objects with no sense of rhythm , just banging  .Sorry sir, go home , reconsider what you wish to accomplish in this life, perhaps your calling is jackhammer, or teasing cats, but it is most certainly not percussion.

I really think that we should beg the queen to take us back, we so badly need British sensibilities, measured speech, good marmalade and decent cups of tea- This is my least favorite holiday.I refer to it as the fourth of bullshite because ....umerka.

Friday, July 3, 2015

can not tell book,or shenanigans, by cover

Jet lag pretty much under control, though still waking up at 4:00's a nice time of day, sun just peeking over the tree tops, birds singing, no traffic noise, It is a "glad to be alive" time of day. Lying with windows open, I notice that my field of vision is ...different. The sky is jagged above the trees that shelter the little house across the street. The little house, once owned by an elderly  couple, humble, neat, tidy,  sold, after the old couple croaked, to a young couple who have since had two babies, now grown into middle school.
Not too sorry when the elderly couple died,  Here is why... One day while walking baby Erik around the neighborhood, the elderly man, never making eye contact,  looking at his shoes in true  Norwegian fashion, shy,non communicative, a familiar attitude to me -(  Norwegian, my grandfather had the same social challenges)... grunts something that I can not quite make out, I smile and compliment his garden,understanding that what you see is not always what is intended, He is Norwegian after all, -I continue on, pointing out bugs and curiosities to my bright baby boy.Thinking,  behind that cover of grumpiness, there beats  a kind and good heart, just like my Grandfather...
That afternoon I answer the phone. The voice on the other end asks sweetly, in a mild old lady tone, if Linda is in, I say Yes ,this is she....the voice  turns into a growl a deep man's voice saying, I want to F you - and cum in your eye!" Uh huh, - the shy old guy. So, when the new family moved in ,  even though their gigantic dog poops enormous mountains in our yard, and their motor cycle , like Godzilla tearing through glass, sends me right up the wall, I am not complaining. They have never called me once to say "I want to F you and cum in your eye". and they do make eye contact while making small chit chat with me as I stroll by.

This is what they are doing behind the cover of trees, and this is why the sky is jagged. 

While I was gone, they have added at least thrice the space to the little house!
From the street it still looks small and unassuming, but it is huge!

Here is another book/cover thing, yesterday I dropped in at the used stuff store, I find these two books which look intriguing from their covers, both have copyright dates in the 20's.
The first one I read ( skimmed) in about ten minutes, it is only 85 pages- regretfully I would rather have those ten minutes back. It is  pointless, trying to be funny- unfunny load of nonsense, so I will not mind messing around with the pages, arting them in Sarah Wallis fashion. The cover is cool, I will keep that!
The other is kind of a creepy story about a guy who kills a snake oil salesman who was messing around with the guy's wife...but the snake doctor will not die! I might keep that one intact because weirdness is always cool...another great cover, with not much substance inside.


Finally, the plums growing over the deck, another beautiful looking cover, but, they will not mature into real plums.
Since half of the tree is dead,  promising looking  fruit will abort, drop to the ground for the ants and wasps. A reliable truism, the book/cover thing, and continues to trick! Every bloody time! 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Graduation, packing (?)

Up at five in the morning, to catch a flight to Portland.
We arrive at the school, all of the art work is superb but I chose this one because I like the idea of schmoozing with aliens and drinking bleach.
It's a PARTY!!! 

Killing time before graduation , which is not until afternoon, we wander, we  watch Erik's presentation of his thesis presentation about three times. 
It is so excellent-  he won the award for animation from the animation department. He worked incredibly, so, yeah, well deserved, lad! Not to mention that the school has never seen anything like that which Erik has done, He took a huge risk. 

Of course there were the usual great speeches , inspiring, creative! And then we all exited the auditorium with a bang.

The most intense bad- ass drummers  booming astonishingly well.
Portland style! Utterly cool.

The gratuitous shots of the parental units, with said spawn.

 Had dinner with Erik and Sylvan, at a Mediterranean restaurant, each dish divine, so many wonderful flavors , so carefully put together, and so very yummy, we all over ate, Walked back to the school, Mr. Man and I missed our train so we took a cab to the airport, So easy!
Flew back late at night, and now must pack for my solo trip to my favorite city...and beyond. And yes, I will miss my travel buddy, Stella, of the best ideas, but I shall carry on.
life is GOOD!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

nothing special

Just another little walk through the neighborhood in the sun. 

This shed is being consumed.

Lilac tree

Fish drain.

Picked up my currency to pay for tea in London, and my paper work with trip insurance, what ever that is. The more I read about it the more confused I get. I guess the only thing that the airline will not tolerate is no-show...Not looking forward to TSA, One woman told me that they made her take her baby's diaper off and his booties...REALLY TSA, could you be more assholey?

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday stuff making

Decided to make a graduation card for Erik. I inherited a huge falling apart dictionary from 1910, found a suitable page, got out the marker pens of limited choice...and  basically doodled leaving the important bits visible. The old paper is so fragile and thin I was a little heavy handed a couple of times and made holes.  I  used water color for  the back
A step up from Hallmark - maybe...

then I thought about my new tiny camera and how vulnerable it is for travel. I made it a felted case, blanket stitched with heavy carpet thread for heft! Braided yarn and embroidery thread for a closing tie.
Pretty efficient.

Then decided to felt a person- couldn't decide what color to make her cloths so I wove many together, - couldn't find brown wool for hair so I used the wool that I dyed in coo- aid which is just the right shade of green.
She still needs some refining but I think that is enough for one day.

Too much color, I am going to rest my eyes on a blank white wall now.

Monday, May 11, 2015

An extraordinary Art school move from dismal to glorious

Above are photos of the old school, Where Erik spent three of his four years - the buildings look like warehouses/garages and they are across the street from one was functional and funky, there were frustrations, natural light was also an issue.
The Old 1916 Federal building in the Pearl came up for sale. There were donations pouring in, fund raisers, folks with CASH!!

And so this building was purchased for the school, revamped with integrity.

Sturdy stone and marble, ornate and absolutely gorgeous, with intricate details adorning windows, doors, wherever there could be an interesting detail making the mundane a bit more  - important looking. After all ,It was a federal building in a very important historical time.

Particularly amusing and curious are the columns of naked guys holding hands, above them are naked women holding hands, every huge window has two of these columns to stabilize the glass.
Along the street side are the new letters " Pacific Northwest College Of Art"
Students began moving in fall semester, still unfinished. Work is still being done, millions of dollars pouring in. So Worthy!

In the center of this magnificent building, was a huge courtyard for Immigration, sorting out the folks who came to live the American promise back in the day.
There existed no floors, just empty space, lit only by the sky. 
The floors have been put in, using huge metal tracks in the center and these hefty cables. The wall was removed and stabilized with fifteen inch  thick new , more open wall, leaving the two inch think marble veneer of the old wall. 

The ceiling is massive and beautiful! This guy built a device with a very very long feather duster at the end of a very very long bamboo pole, to painstakingly dust every single inch of the ceiling...doing this for nine hours straight, as a service but also as "ART".
- his contribution to "focus week", As  an instructor at the school and also one of Erik's panel members, every year he invents a gadget to perform some art/useful activity. Perhaps next year he will polish the knobs of the gentlemen holding hands , keeping the windows in place.

not a single cob web or bit of dust, the ceiling shines!

The library is on two floors, open and full of light, Still working on collections, This is the photography section, not quite full, the remarkable thing about this section - the CHAIRS! They are so sensitive in their swivel ability that when you sit and give it a tiny little boost with your foot, it effortlessly spins, and if you tuck your self in, like an ice skater, the spin intensifies- put your legs out to slow , tuck in again, and whirl, this can go on until the end of time, these chairs are engineered so well. 
Tomorrow I will post the event, the evening of Erik's thesis presentation, which, I must say, blew everyone's minds. Astonishing! The lad did well!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

petal bowl

petal bowl

Splash Bowl

Splash Bowl


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