Sunday, May 1, 2016

MAY I have a peanut

  Beautiful young squirrel on the deck this morning.
Snack time.

such a handsome little animal. Black squirrels have been moving in from the  north threatening these chubby little brown/grey squirrels. The black ones are sleek, aggressive, and murderous. I tried to shoo one away - it came at me like a jumping spider with a defiant look on it's little face. 
They are not nice and will replace these friendly little grey guys within a season.
"There goes the neighborhood...", Archie Bunker.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Disgusted Mary, blue jay on the deck, booksigning

In the studio, playing around with gooey paints, Mary comes to mind. I am enthralled with Mary at the moment, and sacred hearts. Not so much thrall re: the dead guy on a stick...that is just gross, but Mary , her story is something I can appreciate.
Usually she is represented in a mournful, awestruck, benevolent ethereal lovely way, but, you know, she really should be pissed off! 

So, yes my Mary painted herself , her expression just fell out of my brush, she is definitely miffed-
 disgusted at best. 
Tomorrow I may paint another Mary,  not sweet , mournful or  forgiving, not at all, 
I think I will paint pissed off Mary's until they have all been painted. 

Meanwhile, on the deck...

Mr. Blue Pants shops for peanuts.
He knows when the camera is pointed at him so I have to be very sneaky, 
And quick!

before going to the studio I dropped in on Beth Anna's book signing  in the grocery where she works, - my dear friend ,Laurie ,beside her, helped Beth Anna put her book together. 
I love it so much I bought two more!
The money made will go into a trust fund for Beth.

Driving home tonight, the streets of Bellingham looked like a garden, It is prom, and all of the lovelies are out - their best stitches on 'em. 
Billowy dresses, bright colours, wearing flowers and nice looking shoes!
I went to one prom, was home by nine o'clock...

This was what I wore. With tons of aquanet so my hair would look like "That Girl".
Success! Hair paralyses. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

waiting with a tart

While waiting for a friend I invite myself in to Lorna's studio , Her pallet is an entire table top, and isn't it glorious!

  She paints big, though she is tiny,
She has such big art inside of her, she can fill several lifetimes with it!

and this is what I do in my studio, lemon tart and tea, my art is opposite, it is tiny and I am big, also big enough for several lifetimes.
It all works out. 

---while waiting, looking out of my wonderful window- i spot
A girl below,   waiting- for the train.

I see  a boat house waiting for a boat,

and some cars ,waiting at the crossing,

Me- still  waiting -for my friend - try to do something artsy - make mud out of some paints.
I should  stick to stabbing  wool, I   reckon. My friend comes at last - brings a large box full of wool! Inside there is a small packet of buffalo fur from the Dakotas,
She wants me to make something out of it because it is special.
I will wait for inspiration , don't want to fug up this little bit of buffalo gathered from a trip they took before the mother in her family died.
It is such a small amount, maybe I will make a talisman of some sort. Maybe I could infuse it with some magic . Tell me how. I do not know how to do magic.

I do know how to stare out of the window and eat lemon tarts with tea, I am very good at this particular activity- it is difficult to fug up...
but , about the magic-
Please advise.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

the "homeless" behind the studio , a cool artist friend comes to visit

In back of the studio where we park has been overtaken by the "homeless" , and we wouldn't mind too much except that they are filthy and creating mounds of trash, shooting collected glass bottles for entertainment, shards of broken glass in a parking lot is never a good idea. 
The camp is getting larger by the minute, this is just one guy's camp, the others are closer to the trees, peeing and pooping as though they are leaving gifts. There is not a thought about clean up...

Anyway, a friend came to the studio today, showed me what she has been up to-

eco dyeing , she gathered plants from outside her studio, placed them on muslin and wrapped it around an iron bar for the rust painting and boiled it all tied up, for about a cool!

She just had a show of her new work while I was in NM, so she brought a piece to show me .
I am loving this direction she is taking! So many stitches, textures, subtle colors from nature. all on a wire frame . 
It is so yummy! 
I showed her a little bit about what one can do with wool, a needle and some soapy water, 
Quick as a wink she had it mastered and made the coolest little tribal art piece. 
She is that sort of person - makes art out of anything and everything. 
I am a little bit more than jealous....
stuck in my stuck zone of stuckness.
I need a mind laxative.
a loose stool pill for the brain.
I promise you, however, if I find such a thing I will clean up after myself.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

an artist/writer, a fave!!!

 Beth Anna wrote a book, I have known her since she was about six years old and now she is forty. She works at our local grocery - has done for about twenty two years, before that she worked at her parents store out in the county, EVERYBODY'S STORE- a destination place selling the best cheeses and wines and odds and sods from all over the world- cleared camp grounds and facilities for  the parks department, JC Penny and I can not remember where else....she is a worker bee! She is also and artist and a writer.

I think that I like this one best, it looks as though she might be chucking her boyfriend into the waste bin...

She did have a lovely boyfriend for a while but now she clarifies, they are just best friends...

Everyone loves Beth Anna, She is such a bright spot on this planet. her book is quite ambitious, 185 pages !

Sunday, April 24, 2016

wanna get drunk?

Sitting at the computer doing ETSY stuff-  I point the camera in the direction of the big  noise that has suddenly erupted.

 from a passing cloud  the size of Jupiter, dumping cold and very wet, semi winter on us.
Days like this incite my flight reaction, If I had my own wings I would be in the desert right now!
Feeling antsy anyway. 
Either I should travel -or buy a place that makes sense to me- a garden, chickens, a dog and a couple of cats, One large room as studio...
hmmm, tough call.
If I could find such an ideal place I would opt for that.
preferably out of this country.
This election is so bizarre , Mr. Man has television on way too much screaming political bullshit  through the house...I have headphones, I am OK.really...
Just irritated and the rain is not helpful.
I know how to alleviate this problem, Josh gave me a bottle of  coping skills-Tanqueray n0. ten, a couple of christmasses ago, I am thinking to crack that ten minutes.
Come on over, bring a lime!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

petal bowl

petal bowl

Splash Bowl

Splash Bowl


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