Monday, April 14, 2014

Out and about with Stella, best ideas!

 Outside the stables , which have become the new library, Stella under the blue arrow waiting to get into the building.  First are the  speeches ,and clapping ,which I find  curious-  clap when there is an end to a sentence in a speech? Why?Conditioning?-  "polite" , or maybe encouraging , supportive, because it takes courage to speak publicly. We just want to see the library.
After we finally get into the building and cruise around a bit, we go south on a mission to find stuff for our booths. Funky places, Hotel President Apartments , un-presidential,  Security , "ecurity" , unsecured.

 Sunny day, zillions of bikes are out, everywhere on the country roads, hanging out , hamburgers and beer.

  Stella driving, me shooting from the window, beautiful day.

 This is the detour away from OSO landslide. people who still live there must travel a great distance to get back to their homes if they have them. The land that we live on is squidgy, fragile,  a few more earth shakes ,  sandwiched in between several active volcanoes and on a tectonic plate, it is simply a matter of time. of course we live in denial, such beautiful country.

Late afternoon, now, our breakfast has worn off, we have shopped, and we are  hungry. We stop in at the bar and grill  at Big Lake. We are not disappointed , delicious fresh food, good coffee, quick service, cool retro chairs. It's been a great day with Stella and her brilliant ideas...once again.
We are planning our Autumn trip, Stella is the best sleuth- has found awesome affordable apartments in Amsterdam and Brussels where we will stay for about twenty days before we meet friends in Paris for a week - then  to Saint Cyprien for an additional week. I am usually reluctant to get on a flight back to the states, I prefer to NOT...but return we will, only to plan yet another escape.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

a new library and some frightening animals

 A new library opening, This is Roary who helps with the ribbon cutting and general kerfuffle of celebration.It is a warm day.

There are doughnut holes, cider and coffee.

 All is new, smells new, cheerful furnishings, a delightful space.

 Located in the boonies, between mountains and creek.
In a refurbished horse stable by a huge barn.

After the blah blah speeches and the thank you to these and those, a tour through the new library which is stunning, we are back in the parking lot beside a most ferocious protective creature.
He wants our legs and tells us so...

but really he is small. He does not know this.

Friday, April 11, 2014

before ten o'clock

Word on the street, massive garage sale across town, second week end of sales to benefit WE SNIP animal service, non profit, a good thing so off i go...
To the left of street , a forest has been cut down.
About four or five city blocks worth of woods and stream, where the homeless camp has been for many years.
Belongings strewn along the property for the trash guys to pick up and haul to the landfill.

I guess the last straw , besides a lot of stabbing going on, was a homeless guy found face down near the grocery store parking lot , in the stream, dead for days, gone unnoticed.
Where have they all gone? Not sure, yet, but the summer months will surely provide them some decent camping in this heavily wooded Northern area .

Traveling behind this truck whose logo is terrible. This poor planet.

finally i am at the doors of the massive sale, Arrived 45 minutes early and am behind at least 20 others. At first i thought "this is silly, I dislike crowds of greedy grabbing folks"...but then got into a conversation with a really interesting person and the time flew and soon I was inside.
Totally worth it! Held in what used to be a furniture store, many rooms, huge, full of good quality items, antiques, clothing- EVERYTHING stuff! Like I really need more, right? I behaved and only came away with two chairs and two bags full of items for my booth. spent less than twenty bucks.Recycling and WE SNIP benefits, the animals benefit .  It is all good.
Then I went to another garage sale in my neighborhood and spent two dollars on a chicken cup, a floral tray, a mirror. The header is the garden shed at the side of the house.The old house is also for sale, located on one of my most favorite roads, in town but rural, quiet, dead end. Any takers? For sure a fixer-upper. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

rags and bags

last week , Ragfinery opened to throngs of people wanting to enhance their own collections of fabric. This is a brilliant idea and hugely successful for artists here, You know how it is, You have a project but you need just one little flash of colour -you do not want to go to Joanne's and buy a quarter of a yard. Ragfinery is mostly natural fibers ,no plastic junk, sorted nicely by type and colour. WOW! I am a fiber freak and this is my candy shop!

purchase by the pound- $5.50 for cashmere, wool and silk, everything else is $3.50 per pound.
There are amazing whole items in this lot- like wool coats from Russia, embroidered linens, hand woven garments, still wearable though sold for their fabric content.

Recycling at it's best! Non-profit.

I bought cashmere, wool, silk, linen,  textured cotton as well as handwoven Guatemalan patch fabric of delicious colours and patterns. YUMMY! I spent $16.04 for all. Deal of the century! At the entry / Exit there is a huge tub full of bits and pieces, like cutter quilts from Grandmother's attic...shredded silk all sorts of bits ,could have spent days in that tub alone. 
 Thank you Bellingham for yet another brilliant recycling idea, and yes, you must take your own bag because the ban on bags has held. Didn't take long for people to get used to the change.I have at least twelve bags - some in car, some at the door, some in the kitchen. Now I have more fabric to make more bags to hold my bags.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Vancouver, things not to eat, maps of the future

Vancouver is just a hop across the border, We go up to see if IKEA has a small kitchen unit for cabin. Ikea has been picketed for over a year by teamsters, the parking lot is empty, there are guards all over the place, inside the store is dismal,dead and sad - twilight zone material. Ikea is in the Chinese/Asian town of Richmond. 
It becomes obvious  as soon as we hit the city limits.

A restaurant is recommended- we miraculously find it!
Their speciality is Squab.

Large tanks holding monster sea creature greet us at the door. 

each crab, larger than a four year old child- and there are huge goeduck- resistance is futile.
These beautiful creatures will never see the sea least not in their present form.

As luck would have it, we are the only three pasty white folks in the place,  one is British and asks for a fork, the waiter laughs and says, "no".  later returns still laughing with a fork, saying "is for babies"...
We order Dim Sum and everything is beyond belief delicious!
For all three of us to enjoy seven dishes was $44.00 !
A bargain at any price-extraordinary !

In this coming  fall There is a long trip planned. 
Perhaps an open ended ticket, going to more lands than just these three!

Today is Erik's birthday, it is also his brother Wayne's Birthday! And this is the cherry tree that blooms every year on this day, though this year the blossoms are already two weeks old, it is early but held on for today's happy day. This is the first time I have not been within hugs reach of Erik's BD. He at school, me here taking care of old pooch. 
And dear Wayne in the midst of treatments , not much in the mood for a party. 

Over the hump, however, just a few more weeks of radiation,chemo,tubes, pain...and then we have a party -L'Chaim.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The reality of climate change, what a relief!

The cherry tree, the plum and the ornamental cherry are all early this year, The rain has been extreme, the mornings are  frost covered, by noon it feels like summer. Scientists have been saying for decades that climate change has been accelerated by human activity ( greed, overpopulation, greed...) began as a warning in the late sixties, denial was strong.Humans so arrogant, the power of big money so enticing.

Weather , more vigorous, where there may have been a slight wind has now become a screaming howling force, taking trees and branches down.  Nothing left to talk about or to blame, it is irreparable and continues on a fast track to shaking off this poor planet's human cancer.

The home as we have known it ,  nice for the moment , is changing , shifting, the ocean  full of plastic / poison, the earth fracked and shattered, I needn't tell you- you know. Relief comes from a sort of giving up, recycling every little bit of paper plastic glass, worrying about carbon footprint, personal responsibility for what goes down the drain (must be organic , no toxins) counting , measuring, always aware of every little thing that may damage or upset the Eco system and blah blah blah...the damage is  beyond any repair. 

The real challenge will be for the youngins who must figure out ways to live that are not based on excess, greed and breeding. It is a different planet, for sure,  denial is no longer an option. Recycling practices of a small home in a small town ...makes us feel as though we are doing something beneficial but , really, it does not matter,  not at all. I might toss a jam jar in the trash to go to landfill, I might even toss the newspaper in - and I am not even going to feel compelled , in the middle of my guilt, to fish it out and put it in the correct receptacle. 
It is totally out of our control, and that is a  sort of relief. 

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

petal bowl

petal bowl

Splash Bowl

Splash Bowl


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