Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Plum Blossoms, full moon

The moon is the guide,
Come this way to my house,
So says the host of a wayside inn.

Early blossoms, the old plum has not disappointed. Took this shot last night on the deck, full moon.
 My plan - giving my car away- has been good, I walked to the post office, bank and grocery, carrying too much back - mostly successful, I should not have bought the watermelon, said my complaining shoulder.
The weather makes all the difference, early Spring, no rain, new pair of socks. Yes, I can make this no car thing work.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dumpster art guy

Stella had a good idea, we bought a ride on a bus to listen to stories of the stars and to look at their houses, the stories were great, the houses not so much...we mostly saw hedges ten feet tall and high fences, however, across from Sinatra's house, Twin Palms, was a four acre art installation by this guy.

Since we were on a bus we could not take time to go through the yard of magnificent time.

torched god's house, rusty bits and shrinking Stella

The little mission and the grounds , torched by a guy seeking shelter in the attic. Just a few months ago this fire closed the mission for good , which is a funny thing to say "for good"...Anyway, the mental illness and desperation on the street , not as noticeable as in most other cities.  is clearly a problem.

Stella and I walked up to the botanical garden, which was very small and unremarkable. The variety of cacti was cool, alien looking plants in the midst of  dirt and worn metal. Apocalyptic, in a subdued  Mad Max sort of way.

Statue of a guy in a chic hoodie dress , grain grinding stones and some sort of  petroglyph against the wall. Interesting juxtaposition, thorns blossoming, not sure of the symbolism, but this feels like an attempt at some sort of provocative thought.

Stella, mouse size, behind the leaves of whatever this plant is, Monster leaves!

The rusty bits mostly came from a copper mine nearby

Monday, March 2, 2015

Sun God

Arriving in Palm Springs, snow on the mountain, rain chilling us , grumpy to have escaped the dark wet north, only to be shat upon by heavy clouds...
it did not last, probably because we were  shaking our fists at the sky, threatening curses that would have sent Thor crying home to his Mama.

The sun - out in full force after a day of icky weather. Maintaining about 80 degrees for the duration.
Damned good thing!

Flowers are plentiful and bright, the air smells of orange and grapefruit blossoms, fresh and delicious.

A selfie by the pool, Looks like the cover of a religious pamphlet- praising the one and only sun god- 
THANK YOU Mr. Golden Sun!

We missed a murder but saw the murderer's homeless bum stuff in the parking lot.
Timing is everything...not really in the mood any longer, for a murder.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

See you later! Going to the desert

Leaving before sun up. See you in a week.

Dirt is calling to us.
I hope your snow melts and the sun warms you!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Mama earth menopause

All weather events are now influenced by climate change because all weather now develops in a different environment than before. While natural variability continues to play a key role in extreme weather, climate change has shifted the odds and changed the natural limits, making certain types of extreme weather more frequent and more intense. The kinds of extreme weather events that would be expected to occur more often in a warming world are indeed increasing. - 

I reckon menopause is a pretty good metaphor, after the kids have all misbehaved and selfishly taken advantage of their dear old mom, menopause hits and there are tornadoes, hurricanes, rain like weeping, heat like hot flashes, snow like chills...and so it goes. The children suffer.
Difficult to say at this point how long it will take for dear old Mom to shake us all silly , resulting in our demise.
But for now, I am enjoying this unusual early spring. The plum in full bloom, cherry blossoms peeking out of their little green jammies.
It is warm! Sunny! Cubby got three walks so far today.
no complaints.

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

petal bowl

petal bowl

Splash Bowl

Splash Bowl


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