Monday, November 30, 2015

Mr. Frost, Bad boy Buddy, and turkey Santa

 Jack Frost came to town , painted everything white and whiskery, Crunched through the ice to take a friend to the dentist bright and early, got my motor going, which seems more reluctant when the weather is frozen. So, as unpleasant as it was for my friend, I was grateful to taxi her to get her tooth looked after.

At least that got me out and running the errands that I have been avoiding.

When I came home, Erik had sent a you tube video of a cartoon children's program about a little boy and his Buddy doll- I swear it was as though some one had taped Erik's childhood! Buddy was the bad boy, Erik's alter ego, created havoc in the play room- spent a lot of time tied up to the bunk bed post and in the toy box with the lid shut _ time out Buddy!
Buddy still lives here. I took a few photos of him today being his bad boy self....

Parting his hair with this rusty sharp object...typical!

stealing matches, of course, as well as the little air plane bottles of gin and rum...

  holding his baby lovingly but , his baby is not in  good shape...
I think it has been drowned several times and the fire from the stolen matches found it's hair..His baby has died many times..

Buddy is kept in the closet now, with the other toys I can not bear to part with...Erik's first doll, named Eat A Cookie, along with his bear , Hamger ( hamburger), and Toppin' the rabbit ( named after another food item - topping on toaster strudel), Pumpkin, the monkey, Berry , the flying bear, and the only doll that was named NOT after food- Because I don't Want To,That is it's full name- the sassiest of the lot!
later in the evening- another dinner at a friend's -
 Look what  Turkey  Santa brought!!!
Oh my!

And so the season begins! At this point I do not care to see another turkey- I hope that Celery Santa comes tomorrow. I feel as though I need to eat some cleaning supplies, celery will take care of that.

Friday, November 27, 2015

gobble , story time, no kids boohoo

It was a fabulous feast, turkey done perfectly, I discovered that organic free range turkeys are the best- particularly if they have been named, Ours was "Mary", and I decided that too much butter is never enough...To keep the breast juicy I smashed butter into the neck cavity, PERFECT- I also used paper plates and had other people bring fillers.
Our oven caught fire the other night as I was making gramma's dinner rolls, had to toss two batches of rolls in the compost! Damn! Re made them, made cornbread stuffing with water chestnuts for crunch appeal, fresh ground sage and the usual gigantic onion with about twenty stalks of chopped celery, orange cranberries, maple delicata , had three kinds of wine- Other folks brought the rest. 
We ate loads, and then there was pie, and then , the best part, stories!

Janet is telling a story about the woman  from Iran whom she is tutoring, Iranian family moved here to save their children. This is better than that. Her children have adjusted well but the parents are a bit lost. She is so lucky to have Janet for a teacher because Janet is kind and wise and gentle and all of the cultivated qualities that make her a superior human being.
Initially there were to be fourteen for dinner, but kids have scattered, and life has a way of doing it's own thing.First Thanksgiving that Erik did not come home. *sigh* get used to it- right?
That was the worst part, besides the oven fire, and the spoiled rolls. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

walk with me to the wool shop

I wet felted the wabi sabi piece and made it more so...Remember those pot holders we used to make with the little square metal looms, I must have made dozens! The woven part of this wall hanging  looks  pot holder-esque, non?
I decide I need a gob of wool so I leave the studio and take you with me.

We walk by the antique mall

across the street by Old Town Cafe, where we see a TOYNBEE TILE!
Well, that is damned cool! How long has that been there unnoticed?Since Toynbee was spreading them around in the mid/ late nineties, it has been there for a while, perhaps newly uncovered?

at the top of the street a shop called Lucky Monkey is in the same spot as a shop I shared with friends back in the day0 a Chinese import shop before China became favored nation, Mao days, when things from China were awesomely cool.

We are nearly there, The  cold stone benches for the weary , are so not inviting, FREEZING!
"have a seat, have a hemorrhoid"

and there is  this bit of art - always perplexed me. Looks like the remnants of an earth quake. Looks like a a broken something and a law suit
We carry on , into the wool shop. 

we have made our purchase , nearly forty dollars worth of wool, heading back down to the studio.

Where we have a collective meeting to address cleaning the common area,advertising and getting live music for  the art walk,discuss the contracts, the this, the that, but I am completely distracted by the sunset- all of my attention is out there

and  on the new little dog who will be coming to the studios regularly, Her name is Suds and she is a sweetheart. A trained therapy dog , whose job it is to love and be loved. 

The sunset tonight . Thank you for coming along- tomorrow you can join me - I will be cleaning house because I am doing Thanksgiving  here again , so, must scoop up the big chunks, toss things in closets- you know...clean...

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Experimenting with partial weave and felt, Tomorrow will add leaves and stuff, will wet felt it and hang it from an old spool I found in Vancouver.
So great to have a space in which to work.
Can't wait to get up in the morning and stumble into the studio, close the door and stab.
This piece may or may not turn out nicely, never know, wool does it's own thing.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

the studio is saving my life

Today I finished a mouse, gave her a spiffy hat and satchel with a message in it.

Finished the so called pencil case. 

and an acorn brooch

Then started a background 

By then it was after four o'clock, sun going down soon to be dark, and since I am parked in the back lot where it is a lake after two days of rain, no worries I am wearing rubber boots that come up to my knees, I feel like I have to leave while there is still a bit of light.
The parking in the back after dark is precarious. 
Lots of homeless back there and deep holes full of rain.
So I light my candles around my salt bowl- think a thought, before I take off.
Quiet, still, breath 

and when my thought is thunk 

I make a wish, blow out the little flames, and go, it has been a wonderful day.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Amelia and the danger stairs

The stairs at the studio are dangerous, I am always thinking that I will tumble down them and die , not found until the beer making place downstairs opens for business the next Tuesday.  Amelia was alone at the studios on Sunday evening, hauling framed prints to her car, missed the first step and tumbled all the way down, badly bruised, bonked her head, broke both arms and tore whatever it is that holds fingers in position.
She could not phone anyone, she could barely hold a key but damned if she didn't drive all the way home using one finger , through the storm! Shock is an amazing thing.
I will be holding the railing more often, and being more mindful that  stairs  don't kill people, gravity does.

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

petal bowl

petal bowl

Splash Bowl

Splash Bowl


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