Friday, August 22, 2014

a dilemma, what do you think?

We go to La Conner for lunch and a day of looking around , shopping .
In the tavern, a spot is saved for "Our Old Pal" whose name is very similar to mine, I am sure he was asked "could you please spell that" frequently. But that is not the dilemma...

Doves ,  one particularly beautiful with her wonky beak, top pointing right, bottom pointing left. or visa versa, I do not know left from right especially in photos, Is it your left or theirs?
But - not the dilemma that I need help with...

The problem I am having is that these photos were taken with my funky old camera. I am thinking to take it to Amsterdam and beyond instead of my heavier new pretty great camera because the old one takes batteries instead  of hauling around a huge charger and two rechargeable batteries , one charges while the other is being used, never know when it will run out of juice leaving me with a dead camera. Double A batteries can be purchased anywhere anytime for my old camera...Plus it is lightweight, small, fits in my pocket.

(more bird houses)

Problem with my old camera is quality of photos is not great, It has some personality issues and can be a little bitch to use. It whines, the screen is broken, the buttons are slow IF they work at all.
BUT traveling light is paramount on this trip.
The less fuss the better.
You know how it is!
So are these shots acceptable?

or should I take my heavy equipment with all the hassle ?

Not like Amsterdam has never been photographed and I do tend to see things differently than proper photographers, like toilets on the street might get my attention more than the beauty of the city...I guess I just answered my own question...

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Let it bee, sunflowers

 All around town sunflowers are blooming , Bees are happy. Some sunflowers are taller than rooftops,soon their heads will become too heavy  and they will nod  , releasing seed for next years flowers and for the zillions of birds that come around for harvest. 

These sunflowers are in a parking lot downtown, not picky about where they grow- they are abundant.

 And varied. They all turn during the day to always face the sun- maximizing their growth, always looking for their lost lover to return in his chariot of gold, so says the myth of Clytie and Apollo. Poor jilted Clytie.

Poppies are pretty much my favorite flower -  Typical arcane preference, I suppose- milk of the poppy vs nutritional quality of the  sunflower. Yup, blissful dream wins hands down! I wonder if bees have a preference? 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Sheepish, felted holes

Going out to see the new sheep , the little Finn named Grace is as sweet and affectionate as a puppy, her wool , so lovely.
Julio, the large spotted ram in the middle has ideas, I tell Grace to learn to run fast and corner well, Julio is very rammy.

Little Grace loves to be petted, she would leap right up into your arms, I would not object but it has been raining and the sheep are all pretty soggy.

Next year there will be lovely Finn wool to felt.
I felted a round vessel that resembles  a lump from outer space as well as an experimental bit to see if I could felt holes. I felted glass marbles and felted the felted marbles into layers of pulworth because it felts rather quickly - I was anxious to see if my experiment worked. Then i stabbed a small opening from which to extract the marbles, Voila- holes! Now I think that I know what to do , next time I will actually make something - possibly less rude looking.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Stella and I go south to find travel gear for our trip in September, take a side road to funky little almost town to get vintage cards for Stella's art. We are on a mission so I take only one photo the entire day, this wonky house on the road with bent pipe columns.Love the wooden screen door- this looks like every good memory of summer and robbing the freezer compartment of homemade ice pops.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

4th largest Island in Contiguous USA, a Stella day

 Driving down to Stella's to meet and go to Whidbey Island for the day. Geese are happy in Stella's front yard, which is a lake...
Traveling down the coast of the island tall ships out in the sound are having a mock battle ,  shenanigans -cannon fire and pirate talk.

 Arriving In Coupeville where we walk through the Art/craft festival. It is one of the best, easy not too crowded, great arts and crafts. nothing too  cheesy. Well juried.

For lunch Stella- of- the- BEST- ideas suggests that we go to Captain Whibey Inn on Penn Cove.
 She has the Captains chowder, white fish, Penn Cove Mussels in the riches creamy broth, home made bread with lemon butter, I ordered a chicken club sandwich- a seventeen dollar sandwich! Good thing it was not at all ordinary- very nearly but not quite worth the price.

The Inn, built in 1907 entirely  out of madrona trees, which , now, are protected - you will be fined or killed for chopping them down...reminder to self- tell Mr. Man about this law...
The Inn is unchanged from it's original- Stones from it's yard were used for the fireplaces and chimneys, The outside lights are purpled from the sun. It is a beautiful Inn on gorgeous grounds, on Penn Cove, where the mussels are Grown.The cove is fed by two fresh water rivers carrying nutrient richness from the mountains. Because the cove is in the rain shadow, it is warm and dry, conducive to algae growth. Mussels eat the algae and grow rapidly, they are usually harvested at one year old making them very tender, though they are not harvested until a customer request them. Always fresh, tender and beautiful. The BEST!

There are guest rooms in the Inn, upstairs, old fashioned, tiny, shared toilet- as well as little cottages, added on later, for guests. A curious tall conifer trunk "muffin middle" (?) guards one of the cottages. 

Two close by ponds, green with algae
Water water everywhere, Whidbey Island also has four lakes. It is a very pretty island as soon as you get out of Oak Harbor, a Navy town that is all strip mall, pancake house mediocrity, yeah, speed through there, do not even slow down-  get to the good stuff.

After a full day we return to Stella's , watching the geese, while sharing a four dollar bottle of Ginger Beer. Topping off the day so nicely. I stay away all day, no little pup to come home to, Mr. Man in Oregon, I am as free as a goose! and Stella ROCKS!

Friday, August 8, 2014

new spectacles

I go to have eyes checked, to find out  how blind I have become over a years time and to find out if I can still see well enough to spot hypocrisy- best place to test that last bit  is the church across the street -  sun shining through a pretty window- no idea what the words mean. " A woman that feareth the lord she shall be praised" ....what? I think somebody screwed up -  makes no sense,and  is lousy sentence structure- unless it is code, understood only by  the Methodist club. I think that a  Dorothy Parker quote would have been more clear "The sweeter the apple, the blacker the core"... anything Dorothy-ish would have been a better choice.

 I DO, however, know what the words mean on the sign by the "love thy neighbor" entrance. Yes,   I passed  the spot- the- hypocrisy -test, right, on to the next.
My appointment,  drops to dilate,lights shine right into my brain-hmmmmm, there is a bit of pigmentation  at the back of my balls, (eye balls) possibly the  beginning of macular degeneration . There is slight clouding of the lens,the usual  for living so long. All is as expected.
The paintings in the waiting room have been done by a person who painted  with her glasses off.
This is how she sees people with her bare naked eyes. 

 I am not far behind.
This time I buy rimless glasses for more glass - wider vision, zero fashion , zero cool, but now I can see   trucks coming , still somewhat  in the blur zone , mind you, but  can pretty much tell that they are not fast moving trees or large bears. 
- frames , mat black or slate would have been hip I suppose but I am just SO not  - just want to avoid white cane travel  for a few more years so I got the most bang for my buck big vision Granny glasses, I think they are called.

  SO granny.
A seeing eye dog may be in order soon enough, and that I would not object to. That would be the prize !

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

petal bowl

petal bowl

Splash Bowl

Splash Bowl


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