Monday, September 1, 2014

Pinkables and plum and differences

My nieghbors garden at the end of the season is full of pink, fading sweetness.

The hillside still has a few wild volunteers of soft fragile color.

The plums at this stage are also more pinkable than purple
I reckon a little pink goes a long way- but the neighbors yard really likes it! 

There is only one faded orange lady in the lot. 

Of course she gets most of my attention because she is a different sort of beauty.As with people in this life.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

children's art and a 300 million dollar boat

Driving in to town, taking another route than the usual to distract my brain , I drive by the old elementary school where the cement wall around it is decorated with the cut steel works of some of the children. 

Below , the entire playground cut out of steel. Very ambitious!

a girl jumping rope

sad little bird

The entire wall the length of the the school yard is covered with these works, I just chose the ones that made me smile more. The one below is hilarious , space station pooping out the earth with only "Arctic, Canada, and USA" on the globe.

BUT HERE is the BIG news- This monstrosity is in the bay, moored near Lummi Island , where there is a world class restaurant, The little boats set out to motor over to the Willows, where a meal may cost about 400 dollars. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

the girl with a pumpkin on her head and jar full of crazy bees

Have you ever shaken a jar full of bees? Me neither, because number one: that would be cruel, and number two: what's the point? But you can imagine the frenzy, the crazy bumping- into- each -other  confusion? 

Welcome to my brain, my emotions, at the moment.
The girl with the pumpkin on her head is a friend of my son's and therefore a friend of mine, in my old mothering,loving way.

We have known her from Erik's freshman first day at high school  , watching her bloom through the years,she bloomed like a BOOM!!  Our wild gypsy child.
She can sing for you till your heart breaks , her voice so powerful and sweet. Her writing , the most superb and unsettling ever written. Her sense of humor- a no- bullshit- call- em'- like -they- is! Take no prisoners- sit down, shut up, I'll tell you how it is- kind of gal without a mean bone in her body.

She moved to the city. Portland, where my son and his friends seem to be migrating . A perfect city for this age group, the twenty-somethings. They have each other and the city is FUN, as alive as they are, creative, loads of music loads of really good beer...
 Having gone through several stages of development,whatever, to find out how far to push the envelope. Our gypsy child has pushed every envelope ever invented , she has pushed to the max and come out With a grin, pretty much, as everyone else held their breath-" Will she make it this time"

She is the impetus  for the shaken bees in the jar that live inside of me, of us, at the moment, that will not quiet, nor will they calm , nor make any sense whatsoever.There is shock, there is weeping, there is blank staring at the wall...Our Gypsy child has been found lifeless  in her room  in the morning. Not sure why and it does not matter for she is gone. She is gone.

Erik and three close friends of the "family of friends"- and there are many and they do go DEEP so very connected to one another...cleared out her room, packed it all up, shifted it to the car, Everyone did a final look around - they had cleared every little thing out , down to paperclips and lint. It was not easy, as you can well imagine. The love for this girl and the loss- wild crazy shaken up bees in the heart and head and fingertips. Numb , sad, confused, overwhelmed, stung to the core.
A final swoop over the room...EMPTY, so EMPTY...Just before the car takes off Erik does a final- final -really final ,sweep , and there, on the floor where it had not been before-  a playing card and an old photo of our funny talented beautiful gypsy child grinning at him. Of course The ACE of Hearts.
Gypsy Girl. 

And so the friend family tribe all came back home in the middle of the night to gather.
They will all be going back to their lives, here and in Portland tomorrow, There will be a funeral on Tuesday in Portland for those who can make it but this time, here, at home, with all of them gathered, is the real send off- so much love. 

And then, the TATS

Monday, August 25, 2014

Blues and greens and ocean things

The theme of the day was oceany things, oceany things with tentacles , made by the Bride and Broom, as well as  many, many large stars, the curtain of strips of fabulous fabric, the candles, the guest gifts- all of it! Crafty folk! 

To say that the ceremony was splendid is an understatement
The day was perfect, the guests lovely, the married folks , hilarious- and so wonderful.
They promised their daughter to be the best married folks in the universe, of that I have no doubt.

I did get sand in my shoes, irritating, but worth it. The beach so welcoming, This drift wood looks like it wants to get back to the water.

I came home rather early, not wanting to drive in the dark because I am so blind, and lost...I always rely on my homing skills when I go out in the county...I always fail. Good thing I just filled my cars tank with evil petrol, whatchagonnado...this country depends on cars, Thar's the rub...We hate what oil does to us, to the planet, to greedy bastards, but yet...
Anyway, like I said, I got lost and drove around the county and along the coast and back into the residential areas, I have lived here forever but have only seen a fraction of this place. I do not panic when I am lost IF my car has a full tank. I enjoy the adventure, scolding myself of course for burning so much gas.
Life/dilemmas, go together like a bride and broom...
GREAT wedding, so lucky to have been invited!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tallest building, end of summer garden and a car

Tallest building in Bellingham is a whopping 213 feet tall- 15 stories built in 1930. The very top has usually been a restaurant of some sort, overpriced for what is on your plate. I ordered buffalo once, got a one inch bit of Bison with bacon foam on top, for about 24 dollars. Crazy! That business is no longer there.

Drove by Joe's gardens, looks like autumn already.

The winter crop of chard and kale still growing abundantly.

Spotted this awesome little Ford on the side of the road.

Cute! Loved and well cared for!
The mileage must be horrendous. Built back in the day when Ethel gas was a quarter a gallon.
My Dad would pull up to the pump and say "fill 'er with Ethel"- That confused me - didn't we have an Aunt Ethel?

This is the final felted vessel, The one inch opening to the bowl will allow only thoughts in, the "thing" beside it will be worn on my lapel today to a wedding, the bowl will be part of the couple's gift. The other part of the gift is an action figure Godzilla holding two action figure terrified people , Godzilla's bow tie made from folded money. Sure beats a blender or toaster or any other predictable wedding gift! 


                Of course this is an exceptional wedding of non gender specific folks who found each other across national boundaries , online,Through art and music,and BOOM, chemistry! They are wonderful, fun, incredible people who have met with so much cruelty from Those who consider them to be less than, apart from, not the norm, blahtity blah blah...Whatever, can't wait until those old mind set folks die out. Love is good, Love saves us, love keeps us honest and thoughtful- so, go love somebody- I have a wedding to get to, and a tentacle cup bowl to give! LOVE!

afterthought:     Say not, “I have found the one true path of the Spirit!” 
Say rather, “I have met the Spirit walking on my path.”
For the Spirit walks on all paths.
Khalil Gibran from The Prophet

Friday, August 22, 2014

a dilemma, what do you think?

We go to La Conner for lunch and a day of looking around , shopping .
In the tavern, a spot is saved for "Our Old Pal" whose name is very similar to mine, I am sure he was asked "could you please spell that" frequently. But that is not the dilemma...

Doves ,  one particularly beautiful with her wonky beak, top pointing right, bottom pointing left. or visa versa, I do not know left from right especially in photos, Is it your left or theirs?
But - not the dilemma that I need help with...

The problem I am having is that these photos were taken with my funky old camera. I am thinking to take it to Amsterdam and beyond instead of my heavier new pretty great camera because the old one takes batteries instead  of hauling around a huge charger and two rechargeable batteries , one charges while the other is being used, never know when it will run out of juice leaving me with a dead camera. Double A batteries can be purchased anywhere anytime for my old camera...Plus it is lightweight, small, fits in my pocket.

(more bird houses)

Problem with my old camera is quality of photos is not great, It has some personality issues and can be a little bitch to use. It whines, the screen is broken, the buttons are slow IF they work at all.
BUT traveling light is paramount on this trip.
The less fuss the better.
You know how it is!
So are these shots acceptable?

or should I take my heavy equipment with all the hassle ?

Not like Amsterdam has never been photographed and I do tend to see things differently than proper photographers, like toilets on the street might get my attention more than the beauty of the city...I guess I just answered my own question...

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

petal bowl

petal bowl

Splash Bowl

Splash Bowl


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