Saturday, August 1, 2015

smashing paint around, and a rooster in diapers

Went to my friend's studio today and smashed paints on paper to be used as background for other stuff. I painted these with a broken credit card as a paint putter-onner . She knows all sorts of great techniques, my favorite was layers of paint and wax , sanded off .
I forgot to take a photo, left everything in her studio for tomorrow - more art tossing around. 
So much fun, I  forgot that it was not my everyday life, surprised that I had to come back home, Damn.. Her studio is huge and artist that one can make a mess and it is OK.

This is her pet rooster, He is not very old, not fully biggened yet, He wears a collar to make his crow less loud because the neighbors complain.
He wears diapers because...poop.

His feet are hilarious,A sweetheart of a foul, very friendly and loves to cuddle.
This day could not have been better!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer day Stella , a walk to the post office, a roadside novel

Our Ms. Stella comes over on her way to take her pooch to the beauty parlor. She drops off some goodies from her garden, The lily has triple petals and a fragrance that fills the entire house.
The carrots are as  sweet as candy!

The house full of children on the corner added solar panels this summer, Good move, we have had loads of sunshine! Very unusual summer, as it has been for every area. Because of no rain, our Rhodie's are dying- other plants are thriving. I think we will just let nature adjust instead of trying to control what lives and what dies.

free bouquets , take what you will.

On the way to the post I  walk through the alley ways, Pear branch fallen, dry and dead with little pears still clinging. They will not ripen.

Immature hazel nuts, also from a fallen branch.

Free desk and chair. 
If  a sudden urge hits, to sit beside the road to write a novel , there you go, perfect set up! 
Thoughtful neighbors.

Beautiful summer day, Thank you Stella for the garden delights and thank you Post office for being within walking distance, and thank you side of the road writing station. So much to appreciate.. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

ninety and thousands

My friend's Dad turned Ninety,there is a  party! Incredible to live so long and through such amazing events, WWII, purple heart, bronze heart, getting shot, a stay in German hospital during those bad old days,  band conductor and musician, raising two renegade kids...Captain of his ship, Hiker, builder, survivor of America's medical system, in spite of it...One must be ornery, and he is!
We ate , sang badly and listened to  stories that soon will fade from every one's memories...this particular generation packing it in. Such history told matter of factly, as the bullet ,still  lodged deeply, reminds , making the telling more vivid, real and present.

This is a quickie photo , Polaroid of my friend Amy, and the box for camera , I am thinking to buy one of these, they are very cool, great for travel, to give photos to people whom you have photographed as a thank you, or for parties, where the photos at the end of the party will be included in the card for the party guy. The cameras are basic, and light, plasticky, a great novelty.

Bill in the kitchen making Irish coffees to go with the fresh strawberry filled cake.Thank you Bill, Jameson, Espresso, cream, oh yes, thank you very much.

Bill bought a painting.

acrylic on board, by Shag- California artist whose work , at the moment flies hot off the easel! Hip happening trend, to the tune of a hefty down payment on a substantial house in the best neighborhood!! Truly! The price did astonish!
But, you know, ART... plus it has taken Shag more than a few years to rise to the top. Must be something in the air, I never thought I would like this cartoony style quite as much as I like this!
I love everything about it! Except the EEK price!
Could not get a good shot of it, but you get the idea...

Friday, July 24, 2015

the ten to twenty minute beanie baby dilemma

I have a friend living in Mexico ,where she volunteers, teaching art and English to the village children, They do not have  toys or luxuries.
When the end of the class comes and the children go back home with their art projects finished and a new word or two to use on their proud Moms, they are very happy, but when they "win" a toy they are VERY happy, My friend is not wealthy by any stretch,  it is usually out of her own pocket that she provides the children with prizes. ( as with all teachers!) She is asking for a little help.A few months ago I sent  puzzles, art supplies and basic word games, She was thrilled to get them. She mentioned that she had one beanie baby , gave it to a child, and all of the children just lost their collective cool over that beanie baby! 

Of course, When Erik was growing up, we got addicted to them, We bought tons! We loved them all, they are the perfect size and cuteness, they were affordable and easy to tote along. This represents just a small fraction of those living in boxes downstairs and in Erik's storage unit.
All in pristine condition, all with protected tags.
I looked them up. Looks like I have some "highly collectible" retirees here, some with special consideration for a flaw or PVC beans...So says the Internet.
Worth thousands of dollars, says the Internet...

The trouble with that body is buying, The world is flooded with Beanie babies, it is all hype.
They are cute and they do make great toys for little hands, They flop and are pleasing to fondle.
They were intended for children to love, SO, my ten to twenty minute dilemma has been solved. 
I may keep some of my faves,( probably too many) but will send these all to her to give to the children, where they really belong. 
little steps...Clearing the abundance.

Umbrella for all seasons

Umbrella, useful for keeping the hot sun from frying the tomatoes before they are food. 
 Umbrella, this morning , for going out in the wonderfully splashy rain to get the mail, not getting soaked to the bone. Umbrellas, have skills.

Sunday, July 19, 2015


I have met some dandy dogs nearly every where I go. I met this handsome bulldog in Holland Park, and his little buddy with the shiny eyes. They were both super friendly, I think it would not have taken many biscuits  to get them to follow me home.

This is Felix, not a terribly original name for a black and white cat...he was the boss of the B&B where I stayed in Whitstable.

What drew me to the mad hatter in front of Harrods, was his mouse, I am a sucker for rodents .
I felt sorry for this little mouse, being on the street like that with people all over the place trying to grab him...that is not OK, The mad hatter agreed and slipped him into his pocket where the little mouse curled up comfortably.
The Mad Hatter said to me, " ALICE! I have been waiting for you for such a long time!"
"Please, SIT, have some tea!"
I replied, "but sir, there is no tea"
"Have some anyway," he said.

I am home now, met my friend's new puppy, about the size of zero. all fluff and sweetness.

We did go out for tea...real tea.

In the back yard this morning. She waits so patiently for her Mama, We do not disturb her.

She is very tame, trusting...nice for me but probably not for her, people being people and all.
She is tiny. Has a lot of flower eating to do before winter.

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

petal bowl

petal bowl

Splash Bowl

Splash Bowl


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