Tuesday, September 1, 2015

the hoard doth grow , no puppy ,no power

Notice in the top photo , the pile of junk wood, the bashed and rusting motor cycle, the ancient non functioning rotor tiller - gone! The weeds have been tamed and there is order to the madness. It only took three years but finally - done! 
No longer the worst looking yard on the block, however, do not get too excited, Mr. Man's hoard is creeping out of the garage and into the drive way...
the attractive  blue tarp fooled you didn't it?

After taking care of Cubby I decided that to take care of two dogs in October, one being such a new born ,would be  too much, I said the magic word! "NO"- such an empowering lovely word!
It's taken me such a long time to actually use that word  without somehow feeling guilty...of what, I am not sure, I guess it is conditioning. "NO" is my new favorite!

She is a cute little muffin but she is such a baby and so attached to her human - I would be taxed to make her happy. Sorry , little pooch....but , no, I can not be your mommy.
So, they may have to change their trip  to Palm Springs, and maybe that is not a bad idea.
Stella and I may have to rethink our own trip there also, air fares are insanely ridiculous, not sure why. It is not a long flight. Maybe it is to discourage people from going there due to lack of water, that could be a very real reason.
The Washington fires are still- on fire- though for the past few days we have had downpours and wind. Power went out , Sort of nice actually, an excuse to do nothing at all  in the dark- finally something I am really good at!

coming home today another black squirrel in the neighborhood caught my attention, all sleek and smart looking but, I think the black ones found a cache of meth somewhere, They are unlike the chill, plump, agreeable brown ones that we are used to. Aggressive, jumpy, nervous...squirrelly, these new mischief makers are not welcomed to the hood.
As it has been said " it is all about attitude- choose a good one", or you get no peanuts. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

looking down , little town, wool stuff, and dyed hair

meeting with Stella for a cocktail and a bite, looking down on our little town.

It is a nice little pocket of book reading sanity, in the midst of all of this Umurka. Liberal, Bernie Sanders territory...it is safe to go out , it is safe to have a conversation with folks on the street...It is rare 

Erik dyed his hair -

- he has taken it to Burning Man. It looks very nice in the wind and dessert sunset!

 For two weeks !!! I am jealous but would not make it through one day I am pretty sure!
He and his friend from  boyhood went three days early, to set up domes and such. It will be an incredible life changing experience!

I am experimenting  more with wool on silk, Nuno felting, This girl thing looks dead, she is supposed to be reclining, resting, but , no, she looks dead -  do not quite have the hang of it , but am continuing on in my quest to stick wool to stuff.
 I  plug into the woolly news on Face Book, find out how to do things like "up woolfing " Cool technique!! Wonderful end product, and it looks tedious but I will try it one day just to see if I can actually make a thing.I just read about -"mulesing" a horrendous practice mostly in Australia. I will not be ordering wool from that country again!Face Book can be an amazing wealth of info. Glad it exists, though , during the political fervor I scroll down quite a lot.
Lately I have just been looking at "make-It" posts. Inspiring!
AND keeping up with Erik's adventure! Burning Man is a big deal!
When he returns to Portland he faces a move from apartment to house, as expensive as London living- WHEW- And the terrible search for a job. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

time boomerang, eventually comes back

An old friend is cleaning out her drawers, she had kept these cards that I had made for her long ago...When I lived off the grid , had a rapidograph a jar of ink, some scrounged paper, flour paste,  time and imagination. Had to hand deliver because I didn't even have enough money to buy a stamp.
Good times!

So glad she kept these, they are pretty funny and do take me back, to wood smoke, a cabin in the pea field, a hole in the ground in the back garden for a toilet, hitch hiking, and growing what I ate.
Had to be young, a bit rebellious ( stick it to the man...man) and a little bit nuts.

Then Mr. Man came a long after a spell, we moved to a cabin on the beach. Erik happened!
Another card though the art work done by Maurice Sendak, I still used flour paste , Still somewhat off the grid, still growing things to eat.
BUT on the way to a more civilized existence. A child will change things quite a bit.

Another boomerang this morning...a chicken pox scar showed up by my non existent eye brow! Funny how it had disappeared for so long and suddenly - POOF, a small crater that I well remember from childhood, right there, where I left it, wonder where it went? Old skin , thinner, I guess, all the scars show up! As well as memories- kept in some one's drawer for years and years! 

“The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.” Omar Khyyam.

Riding the moving finger! Moving on!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

making amber

The old plum is bleeding.

The blood is as hard as rock.

this bit so wonderful , I tried to pry it off  to use in "art" , it is a large glob, one would think that it could be loosened from the bark, but the tree said "nope" , it is well stuck.
alien cool!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

fooling around , experiments

Remember the piece of toast that I felted on silk, I decided to dink around- add lichen, moss, feathers, sticks and then  I quickly stabbed a bird in the fluff , now it is a bird on toast. It worked, and is light as air, unlike the other flat pieces I have done, so, yeah, yay, me!

The bowl I felted needed some pzazz, dots and a swirl on the inside.

I also want to show my class how to felt around a wire armature, however I do not like them. I break too many needles using an armature and the felt does not become as firm as I like. but some folks like the pose ability of having an armature.

No dog today, so I have all kinds of time to felt, do laundry, eat cookies and drink tea. It is a great day! Another person dropped out of the class leaving me with six, who knows, it may not even happen, BUT it has sort of forced me to do things with the mountain of wool I have, I am having a good time with it, and experimenting at my leisure, Come on over, I will throw wool at you and a stabber, all of your cares and woes stabbed away!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

getting in the groove, felting toast

Getting in the groove of felting, stabbing, pounding, it is easier to do if the news is on or Mr. Rump is blowing steam through the airways, what a douche he is, excellent impetus for stabbing furiously! 
I am getting together samples of what one may do in the class I am offering in September, giving them supplies and letting them decide which direction to take. 

I have made bits and pieces to show the process of making an elf, or whatever comes of one's stabbing efforts, usually there is little control of the out come.
Here are some basics, core body, head leg arm with fingers and the beginning of trousers, coat, shirt and boots.

and this looks like toast, but it is a rough version of felted wool on silk, dyed with walnut ink. There are possibilities...
Adding lichen, small sticks, pebbles, whatever one might like to felt into it . It is a very cool texture.

Not getting  much done, having Cubby, I have to make the most of my time after the long walks , he can certainly cover some territory! Today we walked to the dog park and to the heron's nesting ground, to the waterfront, and up into town, through the shops, through the forest, and back through the alleys , He is sleeping now, after an additional walk through the neighborhood. Whew!
I finally made it to the grocery store, while Cubby snoozes, where this note was left on my wind shield.

 I feel better now, your heart will not be often broken.

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

petal bowl

petal bowl

Splash Bowl

Splash Bowl


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