Sunday, March 29, 2015

Stella rocks a tea party!Mason bees hide, Sultan bash

Stella's yard at the little lake in hicks ville.

a little gem amidst the not so gem like stones!

Canada goose, aye?
Not a favorite with our Ms. Stella, who objects to sliding through slippery large goose poo. They are encouraged to go elsewhere.

an adorable little white pup comes to the door and receives a biscuit, he takes it home to show the others, Stella includes everyone but the geese in this tea party. 

Tulips in her garden

Tea sandwiches, fruit,blueberry  scones, whipped orange butter, lemon squares, and flour less chocolate cake.
Stella rocks a tea party!!

Stella's mouse house is expanding, The OMG factor high! The mice are  pleased.

and so this is our "nice" week end from the weather forecast. Dark, windy, cloudy, and there will be buckets of rain to be sure...They just do not know anymore, the weather, the earth. - it's own boss.
Blossoms blown off before the pollinators can do their business.
Mason bees not too sure about the temperature, huddle in their hidey holes.
Fun stories during the tea party, My favorite was  Francy's, who lived in Oman about 30 years ago where her "wasband" worked at the embassy. One day there was a massive tea party put on by the Sultan. Lavish beyond reckoning, flower arrangements taller than a person. a banquet of remarkable artfully arranged magnificent beyond dreams fairy tale food, except that it was REAL. Francy , not sent an invitation, decided that it must have been overlooked , dressed up and went anyway. Invitations were checked before one could enter, Lucky for her it was, again, overlooked,  she. allowed in, had a very good time and a good nosh, while the Sultan strolled by, behind red roped off area, not even a nod to the guests. No body minded, Francy, only regretting no pockets in her frock.

Monday, March 23, 2015

the responsibility of passed down "treasure"

Still listing stuff on ETSY, Finally trying to find a home for this tea/coffee set that my Dad won in punch tabs in 1932, back when on object such as this was striking it rich! Chromium with Bakelite knobs, a treasure for someone, but having dragged it around now for what seems like one hundred years it is time for it to be free, out there in the world, making some one else happy.
Etsy is so big, my stuff rarely even gets noticed in the huge ocean of other splashes. But, because my prices are way lower than most on ETSY I might get some one's attention, or maybe people are becoming more practical , like me, and unloading stuff.
worth a try.
Sentimentality and passed on treasure weighs too much.I can not fly with all of this STUFF anchoring me to the ground.
Mr. Man has four storage units so if there were to be a competition, I would be WINNING, a few dozen more miles to the finish line. Yay, me!
There will be merriment at the end of this process!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

letting things go, Please take my pot

Going through things, trying to unload the load, Listing things on ETSY, taking stuff to goodwill or the other so called charity store... I have always loved this lotus flower tea pot. I bought it in Chinatown Vancouver in the early eighties when I was trying to be Chinese.
It really makes the best green tea, something to do with the red clay from which it came.
It pours well, is just the right size and feels smooth and lovely to touch.

Now sadly and stupidly, it gives me the creeps.

Not sure if I will list it or go into therapy instead...I saw a thing on the interwebs by accident. I will not link you to it because it is so damned creepy you will have nightmares and I am way too fond of you for that ...I will only tell you that is involves a bra and a breast and it is the most disturbing photo shopped trick ever , in my limited interweb experience...Pretty sure there are worse things out there, but for some reason this really hit me, My love for this tea pot is now SO OVER!!!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Woodland writing impliments

I bought five of these hand carved wooden pencil/pens from the little shop in front of our apartment in Paris. I have given one little fawn on a branch away to a birthday girl. I thought that I could use these for something to do with felt, but, no, I have them in a vase peeking over the edge watching my every move. 

I really like them, thought I might try to sell them in my booth but that is a goodbye thing, 
Thought I might try to sell them on ETSY but they are not vintage nor did I make them. 
So , here they will stay, until I get an idea...

Finally got around to listing things in my ETSY shop , how anyone ever sees anything I list is beyond me! ETSY is HUGE! 
Anyway, I am fifty dollars richer than I was yesterday so no complaints.
Well, not entirely true, I complain. I am good at it, and as they say, "You must do what you are good at". intentional preposition placement, because I am good at that also.

Josh came over this afternoon to deliver the title to his broken down motor bike that has been in the yard for about two years...He is talking about the WOOLF project, organic farming/ room and board. also talking about the Peace Corps, he has skills so, I encouraged that idea! Broaden horizons and goodwill. 
He is only 27 and acting as though he is done...depressed , over. fini! 
I had to slap him silly with kindness and enthusiasm, a challenge for me, but he did leave here feeling better and more stoked than when he arrived.
job well done, self!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

wind and rain, polka dot petals

Mid day, on the deck, wind blowing moss soggy splats off of the roof.

Petals from the plum and cherry polka dot the street below. 

they don[t stand a chance in the wind, shaking them silly.

The cherry tree in full blossom one month early, Usually it is Erik's birthday tree, April, guess we will have to change his birthday! Damn climate change!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A new car!

My new ride! what do you think??

Not really, I am sure you thought I was serious and must have gotten the deal of the century!!!
Stella pointed out this masterpiece in the parking lot , always travel with a camera! and Stella..

And the prize in the back seat, the sweetest old pooch.

The make of this amazing automobile is KIA, so, anything done to it has probably been an improvement.
Anyway...regarding my give away car, I am using my old Honda that I gave to Erik, he does not use it in Portland at the moment, so I am not high and dry if I absolutely have to get somewhere, but it is nice knowing that the Subaru has a good home with a lad who does the outdoors well.

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

petal bowl

petal bowl

Splash Bowl

Splash Bowl


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