Saturday, December 20, 2014

happy bird, good coffee

 The little bird was cold near the window so I shifted his house to be by his friend cuckoo and his painting of the bird that got too close to the snake. It made him very happy and he kissed me a lot. 

This Raven's brew is my favorite coffee at the moment. Bird likes it because...raven's...I am not sure if there ever existed a three peckered billy goat or what that might have to do with coffee but it is a fine brew.The bird approves because, peck-ered.

When you come over I will make it for you, but be aware, the bird rules this house now that kids and dogs and cats are no longer here, He will fly into your hair and may land on your glasses. You may spill your Three Peckered Billy Goat beverage. It will be hot and you may get injured, but, please, feel free to stop by anytime!

Friday, December 19, 2014

little dog makes my day!

Lucky for me Cubby's people went out of town for the week end. I get to have him for two days and an overnighter.
He sleeps on my face.

I take him on four long walks, we meet other dog people who always stop for a chat about dog stuff. Dog people are the nicest!

We come home and play tug of war with some of my wool, Cubby LOVES it, He loves it to shreds! He liked it better than toilet paper which has been his favorite thing to shred. Wool is not as easy to kill.
Cubby is up for the challenge.

I take a couple of selfies , I carry him around and pet him continually, I sing a song about bears to him and he passes out. Will not even wake up for a cream cheese surprise.
I have worn him out utterly.

I am trying to talk his people into a longer trip , far away...I am selfish that way. and Cubby thinks his Auntie Linda is pretty much OK. I let him be the boss of me.
I like Cubby's ideas .
Not yet ready to get another pooch, however, but this little pup fix certainly brightens my day!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

believe in "the miracle" that is Christmas laundry

Folks (Stella) get creative around Christmas time, They bring out collections of once a year Santa's, elves, angels, lights- fun and festive !

Down the road from Stella's lives a man who is all about it! He is a holiday man, goes nuts at Halloween, Easter, may day, any holiday will  do...Christmas is his most shiny extravaganza, his electric bill topping all others in the hood.

but by his mailbox we see  towels and underwear in a wad, what could he be thinking??? Dingy laundry is not the most festive thing to be out on the lawn.Rather spoiling the effect of tasteful, joyful holiday decorating...


I see!

Lucky for Stella, when she runs out of undies she can pop down to this guy's nativity and collect Holy laundry!
A Christmas miracle! And isn't that what it's all about!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Long overdue day with STELLA! a shocking end!!

Meeting with Stella , such a good idea! At her house she has a pile of presents...FOR ME!!! Best gifts ever, I must say. Stella rocks the gift giving thing better than anyone in the universe, including SANTA!
Then off we go to our annual Christmas tree event in the nursery warehouse down the road where there are zillions of trees, each decorated with a theme...This one is... carrots.

The little cafe there looks like a pretend teddy bear set up, but no, this is the real cafe, and the food is excellent. We lunch...
and then look around some more...

Life sized Santa freaks me out... does not breathe,  just holds very still and stares...
Santa is terrifying!
You better be good!

there are adorable props everywhere but they are not for sale.

after about an hour of wandering through decorations and trees, we spot our favorite life sized Barbie in the corner- no pants! , practicing awkward  exotic dance moves!( we suspect...drugs,  see it in her eyes?) , last year she was THE Christmas angel in pink snow and glittery lights ,rotating on a golden stand, cherubs floating around her joyfully...damn, Girl, what happened!   We just have to leave- clutching our hearts.

There is more adventure with Stella ...she has the best ideas, but after this  Barbie , fallen angel thing, we must take time to recover.
Please hold Barbie in your thoughts this season, with love and hope.
And if you are so inclined...Pray for her.
Thank you.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Park before and after

The park on a calm sunny autumn day.

The same a few days ago...after the winds and the rain had flooded it well.
Nothing stops the Hamsters from enjoying the park!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

like rifle shots!

the Horizon Lines vessel posted previously, was torn from it's mooring dock today. The wind and crazy rain broke the cleats ,  sounded like rifle shots. From my kitchen window I watched two tugs going to help hold the vessel close to the the dock until the weather settles and the owners can fix it. That is 21,000 tons of boat a drift!
Mr. Man has been ill for a few days, sneezing coughing, sputtering and feeling lousy, He shared generously, so now I am taking some kind of sniffle meds that make me sleepy, off to slumberland in the middle of the day.ZZZZzzzzzzz

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

petal bowl

petal bowl

Splash Bowl

Splash Bowl


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